More Evidence of the Importance of Mobile Device Advertising

More Evidence of the Importance of Mobile Device Advertising

for retail sites this holiday season.

This is important information to have especially if your target market is 44 years old and younger as Nielsen released data yesterday stating that while smartphones enjoy a 43% market share of mobile devices for users 44 years old and younger that number jumps to 54% market share.

With this in mind it would seem wise to add mobile device advertising  to your internet marketing strategies. IBM predicts 15% of people in the U.S. logging onto a retailer’s Web site are expected to with a mobile device. Performics claims that currently just over 14% of Google searches are from mobile devices and expects that number to grow to over 17% next month.

Now that Smartphones are used by the majority of  people 44 and under and many younger customers actually preferring to use tablets or Smartphones instead of computers, not only is mobile device advertising currently one of the fastest forms of internet marketing but mobile device advertising will no doubt continue to grow.

Mobile device advertising programs are available for you, and should be part of your internet marketing program, to advertise your business on tablets and mobile devices in the Geo-targeted areas of your choice with complete statistics and analytics for you. Don’t wait get started promoting your business using Mobile Device Advertising Now!



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