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What is your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Be where your customers and prospects are. To see the best return on your investment in social media marketing you need to use the same social media as they do. This principle is the same one you apply in your other marketing efforts, social media marketing is not a new world, just a new media.

This is not mass marketing, it is important to identify and understand your target audience. If you have a business to consumer company some of the segment types to determine are demographics which include: gender, age, education, marital status household income and the like.

Another segment type that may be important to determine in your B2C company is geographic s including: region, state, city, zip code or even neighborhood.

Segmenting by interest or groups fills in the blank if of the phrase we have all seen on Facebook “People who like this also like ….”
There are a number of tools and resources available to help you design a social media marketing strategy for you business as well as tools and resources to track your results.
The  important thing is if your are not using social media marketing in your business, you are already falling behind because odds are your competition already is. If you haven’t already, get started now!

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