Why Focus on Existing Customers with your Social Media Marketing?

Because social media is a natural fit for staying connected with existing customers, and we all know it cost a lot more time and money to gain a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer happy.
Your customers are already using social media discussing the experience they had at your business, if you are not managing your social media (assuming you have social media accounts) you are not a part of the dialogue and are not only missing out on the opportunity to address and rectify any possible issues that need attention ( quickly), and/or sales opportunities.
Social media provides a low cost way for businesses to engage their customers in two-way dialogue, developing deeper relationships and presenting opportunities about other products and services you offer that your customers may not be aware you offer.
Provide value in your posts, use the resources available to help you post items of interest whether it be current events in your community (if local) or industry related changes or tips etc. that your customers look forward to knowing about.
And be conscious of the frequency of your post, a while ago I was following a restaurant that posted the lunch special 3 or 4 times within a couple hour period ( that is spam) notice I said was following a restaurant. You don’t want your followers or fans or whatever unfriend or unfollow or block you.
Social media marketing is word of mouth advertising of today use it but don’t abuse it.

Author: Rick Chapin

Having spent most of my adult life engaged in sales and marketing as well as a decade of preparing income tax returns for small businesses, individuals and real estate investors. Running your own business is not easy, you must utilize all the tools available to aid in your business development, I believe your personal development is equally important. I have for many years had knowledge and interest in small and medium sized businesses as it relates to allowable deductions, tax deferred exchanges and other tax treatments, I have also, for many years invested in books, tapes/cds for inspiration and motivation, so it seemed a natural fit for me to become involved in aiding in people in business development as well as their personal development.

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