Social Media Marketing doesn’t Work, Social Media is just a place Kids Play Games!

That was a pretty common response I would get from business owners a couple of years ago. Now over 70% of businesses say they use social media marketing as part of their online marketing strategy.
Of those businesses using social media marketing, the majority are trying to manage it in house. When I ask if their social media campaigns are profitable many respond with sometimes, when discussing what they are doing that may be producing limited or sporadic results some of the reasons are:

They are doing too much selling – there needs to be a balance. You need to share content from other sources, build value for your followers and get involved in the conversation. But you also can’t forget about the reason you’re there – the selling. Regularly creating engaging content on your blog and social media accounts that can move your prospects through the sales funnel, will help you identify key motivators for your market to gain new customers and retain existing customers long term.

Over posting is another common mistake – followers can feel inundated and overwhelmed by company tweets and status updates. 36% of all unlikes on Facebook are because a company was posting too much.

Some things they should do to change are:
Post photos with your link previews or with status updates, photos are more eye-catching in a user’s newsfeed.
Mix it up a little, add a little fun. Jokes, and other entertaining content can help keep users engaged.

Focus on relevant news happening in the industry, instead of just your most current company promotion.

And lastly, the world of social media upgrades and moves quickly, policies change, rules are updated, reading through new privacy policies may not be glamorous, but it’s something you have to do in order to protect yourself and your business. Social media marketing can be time consuming.
If you don’t have the time or resources within their company to set up and/or manage your companies  social media campaigns you should outsource the management to professionals.

Author: Rick Chapin

Having spent most of my adult life engaged in sales and marketing as well as a decade of preparing income tax returns for small businesses, individuals and real estate investors. Running your own business is not easy, you must utilize all the tools available to aid in your business development, I believe your personal development is equally important. I have for many years had knowledge and interest in small and medium sized businesses as it relates to allowable deductions, tax deferred exchanges and other tax treatments, I have also, for many years invested in books, tapes/cds for inspiration and motivation, so it seemed a natural fit for me to become involved in aiding in people in business development as well as their personal development.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing doesn’t Work, Social Media is just a place Kids Play Games!”

  1. Great article! So many people get Social Media Marketing all wrong. One of my pet peeves are people that just throw up “pitches” all over their Facebook profile. It’s too bad they don’t understand the power of this platform if done correctly.

    Thanks for helping people understand how to use and value Social Media Marketing.

    1. Your are absolutely right, I basically tell business owners to look at social media marketing as word of mouth advertising for this century. Social media gives them an opportunity to build a relationship (digitally) and trust hopefully to the point of not just becoming loyal customers but ideally becoming passionate customers. Thanks Regina for your comment and I wish you success in your business.

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