A Secret Weapon for Local SEO

More and more businesses are finding, local SEO is about ongoing, consistent online promotion activities. That’s where blogging comes in.
So how is blogging a secret weapon? It is because, many local businesses still are not blogging, so use of it as a search engine optimization tactic is still something of a secret weapon.
Many local businesses in highly competitive categories have already done the straightforward things for optimizing their businesses to rank for local. They may have optimized their websites,obtained back links, optimized their business profiles, created a Facebook Fan page, Google + Local ( Google Places), business directory listings, and more.
Since the majority of these local businesses are doing essentially the same activities, they end up barely trumping the listings just below them in Google local search results, and they may often be  jostling back and forth, month after month, for the same slots.
But, if one of these local businesses begins blogging consistently, that business may rapidly become top dog, having an advantage that the non-blogging businesses lose out on. Blogging gives some distinct advantages, and can become a secret weapon that may allow the first company using blogging to develop a lead that may be difficult for the other non-blogging businesses to quickly imitate.

Blogging also provides a “hub” for developing your social media presence! Blogging is a perfect tool for feeding content out onto Twitter, LinkedIn, your Facebook Fan page and Google + and other social media sites. You can use it to actually reduce your workload by simply adding content in one place and having it show up in your various social media pages if that’s what you want.

Keep in mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Blogging takes time. SEO results from blogging takes time. If your expecting to see immediate results from blogging you’re in for a rude awakening. Keep in mind, with online content marketing you are building a complex and long-standing infrastructure that, will grow with time and effort. As important as quality relevant content is also consistency in posting new quality relevant content.

When properly implemented, blogging, can be a game changer for your business. However, you can’t simply throw caution to the wind and hope everything plays out the way you’re wishing. Instead, you must devise a blogging strategy that uses the best resources of what today’s technology has to offer.

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