What Do You Call Success?

Success and goals, can’t be undefined, they need to be specific.000_0079


When I ask, most people I talk to say they want to be successful or they want to have a lot of money or they want to be rich. But what is success? What is a lot of money? what is being rich?


Those are very unspecific answers and can be defined differently by everyone. Making a goal specific is the only way you will be able to figure out the necessary steps to achieve your ultimate goal.


Your goal can’t be for example: I want to have a lot of money. Rather it needs to be more like: When I turn 65, my goal is to have $1,00,000 in the bank, the house paid off, have a cabin at canyon lake paid off, have 4 rental homes also paid for so that I can live off the rental income with out having to worry about whether social security is around or not.


Having a specific goal enables you to create a detailed picture in your mind, giving you a much greater chance of achieving it.


Ask yourself: What does it look like, taste like smell like? When do you see yourself reaching it?


Andrew Carnegie said.” The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his mind may take possession of anything else which he is justly entitled.”


It is important to start your day with positive, inspirational and motivational thoughts and ideas for you to excel and achieve success, that has become easier because you can get an App to help you with that.


Author: Rick Chapin

Having spent most of my adult life engaged in sales and marketing as well as a decade of preparing income tax returns for small businesses, individuals and real estate investors. Running your own business is not easy, you must utilize all the tools available to aid in your business development, I believe your personal development is equally important. I have for many years had knowledge and interest in small and medium sized businesses as it relates to allowable deductions, tax deferred exchanges and other tax treatments, I have also, for many years invested in books, tapes/cds for inspiration and motivation, so it seemed a natural fit for me to become involved in aiding in people in business development as well as their personal development.

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