Yes Entrepreneurs , It Takes a Team, But, Choose Your Team Members Wisely!

A common challenge many entrepreneurs face is finding and keeping the best talent to accomplish their business goals.


“Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it” – Henry David Thoreau


Unfortunately some entrepreneurs are indecisive when it comes to making decisions, and will often are desperate at finding an employee/partner etc that they will accept practically anyone without doing the proper due diligence.


A person in this case whose performance is poor and hurting the business will often times receives many second chances, with the indecisive entrepreneur to scared to pull trigger and fire event the least productive people on the team, which inevitably happens but not before valuable time and resources have been wasted.


Another type of entrepreneur is strong, resolved and committed to finding good team members. there is no rush to judgment about prospective team members. Decisions come without emotion and poor performers rarely get a second chance.


In order to be a more successful entrepreneur and reach your goals more quickly you should accept only the best people as team members.

Author: Rick Chapin

Having spent most of my adult life engaged in sales and marketing as well as a decade of preparing income tax returns for small businesses, individuals and real estate investors. Running your own business is not easy, you must utilize all the tools available to aid in your business development, I believe your personal development is equally important. I have for many years had knowledge and interest in small and medium sized businesses as it relates to allowable deductions, tax deferred exchanges and other tax treatments, I have also, for many years invested in books, tapes/cds for inspiration and motivation, so it seemed a natural fit for me to become involved in aiding in people in business development as well as their personal development.

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