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Does Network Marketing Really Work?

You want to start your own business but maybe capital is a little low, so you consider network marketing, but does network marketing really work? I think the real question is not if network marketing will work but will you work?

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Even in a strong economy, many people need supplemental income, many living paycheck to paycheck. Most people can’t afford the things they want on their paycheck from their job, many start a part time network marketing business. As a result there will always be a need for network marketing opportunities even in prosperous times.


First of all let me point out that network marketing is not an industry, network marketing is a distribution channel or system. Many different industries use network marketing as a system or distribution channel for distributing their products and services because it works.


The concept of network marketing is simple. The company relies on independent representatives or distributors to market and sell it’s products or services directly to consumers (direct selling) sparing the company the costs associated with the middleman and the need for costly retail space or costly advertising campaigns.


These independent representatives or distributors are also granted the opportunity to build their own sales organizations and receive a percentage of the revenues generated by their organizations.


Unfortunately there are some who think network marketing is a get rich quick scheme where they can get rich without any effort on their part. Those people soon learn they are sadly mistaken. Network Marketing isn’t for people who aren’t willing to work hard.


Network Marketing is a legitimate system that works, will you?

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