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Must read Books for your Success

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A couple of books I believe everyone must have in their personal library to aid them in their success are from Robert Kiyosaki: two of his earlier books "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "Cashflow Quadrant".

work from home,self employed,home business,start a business,investing,robert kiosaki


Look... I know when a book is as popular as Rich Dad, Poor Dad is, people will look at it and assume it isn't worth their time, or people will read it and scoff at the ideas. I wonder how many of those people work for someone with debt up to their ears, hoping they can stay afloat. Or are too scared and don't know which investment to make after reading the book...

I also understand that with books like these, they are repetitive and simple, and an intellectual might write it off as signs of poor writing. I believe it is more about changes their mindset first before they can build a foundation to further build on.

Repetition is necessary to get you out of your repetitive lifestyle that you currently hate... That's why you're reading this review, you hate your lifestyle... 


I enjoyed this book. I thought it discusses a number of interesting ideas, includes a fair number of good examples, and could cause people to rethink how they think about money. It could have provided a few more quality resources for further reading. The ones I looked at based on it were not great. I could have also provided some more detail on recommended strategies for different groups of people. Overall though, a pretty good quick read.

Having read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and now Cashflow Quadrant, I have come to admire some of the traits of Robert Kiyosaki. His writing is simple, based on core ideas, and he has a way of helping one feel empowered.

I understand that some claim he conveys extremely valuable advice while others equate him to nothing more than a Snake Oil Salesmen. You will find some critiques of Kiyosaki claiming that he doesn't offer any real concrete advice and that he doesn't actually tell people how to become rich. This is true; his advice is very general and focuses on ways of thinking rather than what to actually do.

But this is what I like about Kiyosaki; he offers advice on the perspective of money rather than telling people step-by-step what they need to do. To become rich you must change your way of thinking rather than do what you are told.


What I can tell you about Cashflow Quadrant is that it is a fantastic read. The ideas in the book are very simple but very eye-opening. Kiyosaki's writing is repetitive and clunky but I really don't mind.


I recommend these books to anyone who is interested in making their money through other means rather than working a job.

Get the books. Read them, then GET SOME OTHER BOOKS... Don't stop reading, save some money for investing, and AFTER you feel confident, buy some assets... Keep doing all 3 until you die...



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