Job Hard to Find? Make your Own, Start Your Own Business!!

Tired of trying to find a good job? Maybe it’s time to make your own job by starting your own business.

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Back in the day (a few years ago), jobs were plentiful, anyone who wanted one was able to find one fairly easily, and if they didn’t like it they could easily find another the same day, things change.

Fast forward a few years, things have changed quite a bit. Good, high paying jobs are a bit more hard to come by today. If you can find a job it will not pay anywhere near what it did a few years ago. Things changed, maybe you should too.

After years some have given up. I say take control of your financial future with your own business.

So how do you start your own business? Well you have choices so choose.

You can build your own business using the skills you have to build your own business from scratch. Starting your own business from scratch with little money and no other asset is not the easiest way to begin your own business.

Some advantages of building your own business are you usually have control over the business’s direction and can tailor the business to your lifestyle.

Some disadvantages of building your own business from scratch are you have:

  • no name recognition
  • no customers
  • and no instant cash flow

You can buy your own business if you have assets in the form of CD’S or money market accounts and you might want to consider turning those lazy assets into assets that generate greater returns.

Some advantages of buying an existing business are:

  • Immediate cash flow
  • Pre-Existing customers

Some disadvantages of buying an existing business are:

  • Initial purchase price
  • existing employee issues

Another option for buying your own business is to consider a franchise some advantages of franchises include:

  • Brand identity
  • A training program
  • Financing options
  • Proven business model

Some disadvantages of franchises are:

  • An operating agreement written for the franciser’s benefit
  • Reliance on the franciser’s supply chain and designs
  • Franchise royalty and ad fees

Another option for buying your own business is to consider a well researched MLM or network marketing company. Some advantages of a MLM or network marketing company include:

  • Brand identity
  • A training program
  • Low start-up costs
  • Proven business model

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The decision to build or buy your own business has to be one based on logic and experience, not emotion.

Are You Suffering Financially in the New Economy?

For many the “Great Recession” hasn’t ended and they are still suffering financially , what they must do in this new economy is: Change!

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I have noticed that many of the people that were unhappy with the direction the economy has been heading the past few years seem to have given up any hope now, which really saddens me.

As we continue to face the worst economic time since the great depression keep in mind more opportunities and more wealth are created in a bad economy than in a prosperous economy.

So this is the new economy? As we drive down our city streets lined with vacant retail and office buildings many of us buy into the idea that the “great recession” had never ended. How are you doing in this new economy?

It is however encouraging to know that prosperity in these times goes to those willing to think outside the box, who have the desire and motivation to start a home based or sideline business from the home that can lead to a full time opportunity and significant lifestyle change if they choose.

Times are tough, especially if you want to do things the old way, things change, but there are countless opportunities for people to make money from home.

The industrial age is dead, we all know that now, Traditional ways of making a living are on the way out, but there is also a greater opportunity for entrepreneurs now more than ever before, and with today’s technology there are resources to help you think outside the box and maximize your true potential.

Why Do You Let Fear Rob You of Success?


Fear robs many of us of success, we need to understand the fear of failure and stop making these excuses that are robbing you of success.

We all have known people who have the knowledge, talent, resources, drive and determination, yet they fall short of achieving success.

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Many times these people suffer from the fear of failure. They would rather suffer through the same daily routine (even if they hate it), than attempt something new. They would rather not try, than try and come up short, thereby never succeeding.

You will hear them utter these excuses:

  1. “Its a dumb idea”
  2. “This isn’t the right time to ________________.”
  3. “I need to research this more before ______________.”
  4. “I need to get some things in order before _____________”.
  5. “I need to__________ have to _______ want to______ don’t want to____.”

One excuse after another about how they would but…..

Probably one of FDR’s most famous quotes is “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

While I believe that to be true, I also believe something a mentor of mine told me many years ago.

He told me that “FEAR stood for False Evidence Appearing Real” which I also believe. If 98% of the things we fear might happen never do, it seems a waste of time and energy to worry about them.  After all do you really think worrying about the small percentage (2%) will prevent it?

“High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true.” – Robert H. Schuller

Why Do You Want to Start a Business Anyway?

You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to start a business. You need to think carefully about the type of business that will be right for you.

So maybe you’re tired of working in a corporate setting, you might decide, “I want to start my own business.” But it’s important for you to be much more specific. Figure out your “why”. Why do you want to start your own business? What benefit will it bring you? Is it more freedom that you want or do you want more money? Is it the pride of ownership you crave? The tax benefits, job security, financial independence or are you just trying to get away from a terrible boss?

Understanding the “why” behind your desires can help you crystallize what you’re really going after.


Without total commitment, and a big why to get you through the inevitable setbacks and disappointments your business will likely fail.

If you are an experienced business owner you already know this.

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” Kenneth Blanchard

Everybody has a different “Big Why”, some want to create a legacy, achieve great things or have independance. Whatever your “big why” it must be big enough to get you through the inevitable disappointments,setbacks and roadblocks you will encounter on your journey to success and that is why a “big why” is a prerequisite to success.

If you are just getting started in business you may not be aware but your mindset and attitude determines how successful your business will be. There is no magic pill or overnight success formula. Success is not easy it requires hard work.

To be successful you must have a clear view of what’s next. Sometimes people turn away from what they don’t like but end up in a new place that’s no better.  

Once you’ve identified what’s driving you, it’s possible to begin clarifying the desired outcome. You may very well decide that instead of deciding to start a business, you might decide to revise your goal to be finding something you enjoy doing part time working from home a few days a week to generate additional income to improve the quality of live for your family.

Success, like failure, is not an accident but rather the result of your own design and efforts. Ultimately it is your choice. Do you have just an interest or do you have a big why and are you 100% committed to your success?

Everybody needs support. Everybody needs encouragement. Don’t try and be a lone ranger, to be successful you need people, a team, that will support and encourage you.


Is Your Retirement Plan Out of Control? Would you like to have more control?

Do you feel helpless to do anything about it? Why don’t you take back control of your retirement plan?

Intelligent educated investors realize that the IRS permits real estate to be held inside retirement accounts. Real Estate investing with a self-directed IRA are fully permissible under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). IRS rules allow you to engage in almost any type of real estate investment, except from any investment involving a disqualified person.

So why is the money in your retirement plan ALL wrapped up in wall street? If you were told that is the only option, you were only told part of the truth, that is not your only option it may be their only option they can offer, you can go somewhere else, but I don’t suppose they want to suggest that to you. You should have been told, the custodian (Company your plan is with) doesn’t offer any other option, after all they obviously have a securities license, so what do they offer – only securities, go figure.

I would suggest to you if your financial adviser or whoever told you can’t invest in anything but wall street in your retirement plan, that unless you are married to them, you fire them. If you are married to them then do them a favor an enhance their knowledge by referring them to IRC section 408 of the Internal Revenue Service code.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 passed the responsibility of retirement saving from the employer to the employee. Resulting in 1975, the creation of IRAs which provide individuals a chance to direct where their retirement funds are invested.  Under both ERISA and IRS Codes, there are only two types of investments excluded: life insurance contracts and collectibles such as works of art, rugs, jewelry, etc. Refer to Internal Revenue Code Section 401 (IRC § 408(a) (3)).

A self-directed IRA is a retirement plan that allows you to choose where to invest your IRA money as permitted under IRA rules. Under your direction, your plan can invest in real estate such as commercial real estate, residential real estate, undeveloped land, foreclosures, rehabs, lease options, as well as limited partnerships, LLC’s, notes, commercial paper and many other holdings.

So how do you get started?

Contact a self-directed retirement plan administration company

Open an account

Fund the IRA account

Locate the real estate to invest in, and instruct the retirement plan administration company to purchase the real estate investment asset in the name of you self-directed IRA

The self-directed retirement plan administration company will collect investment income (rent) and pay investment expenses through your IRA account and perform necessary IRS reporting (Forms 5498 and 1099 ).


Do You Want to be Successful? Beware of People Around You that Don’t Support You.

The “Lone Ranger” is a hollywood production, in real life, to be successful you need people that will support and encourage you.

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Everybody needs support. Everybody needs encouragement. Not everybody is capable of giving support or encouragement, because they are afraid of the changes that might occur if you succeed.

Change is hard for many people, often it is the people closest to us that are unable to support or encourage us. Think about it, if you lose weight, they feel like a failure. If you create a successful business, they feel like a failure. If you achieve your dreams, they feel like a failure.

While you can’t completely shut out those family members closest to you in your lives, it is obvious you need to spend the bulk of your time with people that will sincerely encourage your efforts and avoid those who are unsympathetic and uninterested.

The good news is even if the people closest to you are not capable of providing you the support and encouragement you need for your success, there are other resources:

Dozens of other leaders in wealth, health and personal growth are standing by to transform your destiny. There has never been assembled such a team of global masters, great Mentors standing united to change your life!

The Mentoring Vault includes hundreds of life-changing Mentors. New courses with new mentors start every month, and previous presentations are available on an unlimited 24/7 digital basis.

In order for you to be able to continuously motivate and encourage your employees, it is important that you have a regular source of encouragement and motivation as well.

Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”.

Our FREE Resources page includes access to the entire Network to help you get started to enjoy better health, greater wealth and leave a legacy.

Do You Think Your Education will Help Your Success as an Entrepreneur?

Few colleges and post-secondary schools teach how to help with your success as an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs educate themselves mostly with reading books, trade magazines, attending conferences, real world experience and a number of other ways.


“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”. – Jim Rohn


You should never stop striving to learn more. Successful entrepreneurs are always seeking to educate themselves about new business strategies and new technologies among other things and are not necessarily enrolled in a school to do it.


Running your own business, whether a traditional, brick and mortar or you work from home, is not easy, not to worry now you can get help with that, with a platform that delivers practical, nuts and bolts information to your desktop or mobile device on subjects like….

  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • How to Start a Business
  • Effective Internet Marketing
  • How to Take Advantage of the Current Real Estate Market
  • Investment Strategies
  • Asset Protection

…and more

Build Your Business and your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs!

Is It Safe to Invest In Real Estate in 2015?

Throughout history people have counted on investing in real estate to secure their financial success. Really when you invest in real estate, you make your profit when you buy, not when you sell. In other words, you have to buy the property at a low enough price so that you are certain to make a profit when you sell.


Real estate investing in 2015 is different than it was before the real estate market crash. Prior to the crash many (novice) investors were focused primarily on speculation of appreciation (they weren’t really investing in real estate with a sound business plan, they were simply buying real estate with the hope that somebody else would pay more for them six to 12 months later).


Back then finding good positive cash flow properties was extremely difficult because rents were too low to justify the high property prices . Today’s real estate investors have shifted their strategy to a renewed emphasis on safety and looks for an opportunity, based on facts and evidence without emotion, if the numbers don’t support enough of their exit strategies, including a buy and hold strategy with positive cash flow, they have as part of the plan. They will walk away and from a real estate investment property that doesn’t meet their criteria.

So, how do you safely invest in real estate?  How can you be self-assured when there is still so much fear and uncertainty out there? It is actually much simpler than you might think.

Real estate investing historically has always been a good long term investment vehicle, if you have an interest in owning real estate for investment purposes, my advice is don’t get caught speculating in real estate without a proven team and a plan. You learn how to invest in real estate with a  plan, and without emotion.

Insure your financial success in real estate investing by becoming a professional real estate investor, with a plan and a team.

Strongbrook opens the door to wealth through real estate investing. Our experts handle your investing for you, while teaching you everything you’ll need to know about real estate. 

Turbo-charge your retirement with investment grade real estate. Spend the new next few minutes watching our clients speck in the following video.

We’ll offer you a 27-page Game Plan Report and a free strategy session with an investment expert to show you how you could retire through real estate in the next 5 to10 years.

Are You Afraid Of Success? Many People Are!

The thought of being afraid of success sounds absurd, but the fact is like those who are afraid of failure, plenty are afraid of success and constantly make up excuses for not chasing their dreams.

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The only limitations in life are the ones you make.

Many of us have grandparents that lived during the great depression, an era of American history that rooted an entire generation in a scarcity mindset. Unfortunately these great depression era Americans passed onto their children these ideas about money who passed them down to their children.

While the conscious, intellectual level of your mind knows you have done everything to be successful, the subconscious, level of your mind has been preconditioned, likely since your childhood with “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, “money is the root of all evil” ( which is NOT anywhere in the Bible, by the way).

You need to understand the beliefs that you hold and work to change those beliefs you have in your subconscious mind.

Yes with success will come changes, you must be honest with yourself about that, but avoiding the outcome will only hurt you in the end, it important to find your true fears and work toward stamping out your fears.

Focus on the “why”, and keep in mind that sometimes the changes you make in the pursuit of your dreams will bring you happiness beyond imagination.

David Rockefeller said, ”Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.” I believe that still holds true.

Everybody needs support. Everybody needs encouragement. Don’t try and be a lone ranger, to be successful you need people, a team, that will support and encourage you.

Do You Understand What Makes Someone Buy From You?

It’s not always “what’s in it for me” but more often it’s about how people feel that makes someone buy from you.


A mentor of mine years ago told me that fear was the greatest motivator, even more so than greed.


Sigmund Freud once said, “We will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure”.


I have always believed that people decide to buy based on emotion and may use logic to justify their buying decision.

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People are not interested in buying your product or service, they are only interested in owning the emotional benefit that buying your product or service will bring them.


Want to increase sales?

Then figure out what the emotional benefit is for people to buy your product or service. For example people don’t buy a drill from craftsman because they want a drill what they really want is a hole. The reason people buy weight loss products is the hope of the emotional benefit not the product itself. They want to look great, feel great and have more confidence and have cloths will sit well on them.


Connecting with your prospects and customers on an emotional level is what makes someone buy from you, if you’re not, then you could be losing sales, profits and market share.