Are You Offering a Worthless Product or Service? Being Average Doesn’t Cut It Anymore.

For a prospect of yours, if your main selling point is your low price, that tells them you are not offering the best but rather a worthless product or service or at least worth less that your competition.


People only care about how you are going to solve their problems and make their life better.

If it seems you spend the bulk of your time negotiating lower fees for your services to keep and or grow your customers, you will only find yourself working harder working longer hours than ever before for much less that you deserve. you need to either get new customers or add value to your product or service or both.

Reinventing, repositioning, rebranding and marketing you or your company as offering the number one in products and or services in your market in the minds of your prospects and customers is more important now in the new economy than ever before.

Become above average, become an authority, by:

Become a master in your field.

Immerse yourself in the best personal development and business development training.

Associate only with like-minded, positive, passionate, focused achievers that you can learn from.

People like to deal with a person or company who is a leading expert, no one wants to have a worthless product or service.

What is a Good Network Marketing Company?

Network marketing first of all is not an industry, network marketing is a distribution channel that various industries may choose to utilize to distribute their products or services. There are many good network marketing companys in various industries.

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The Direct Selling Association categories these industries into five major headings:

  • Home/family care products- including cookware, cutlery and cleaning supplies.
  • Personal care products-including cosmetics, skin care and jewelry.
  • Wellness products-including weight loss, vitamins and nutritional supplements.
  • Leisure/educational products-including books, toys and games.
  • Service/miscellaneous/other-including telecommunication, training and internet services.

When you’re considering the industry you would like to represent as a network marketer, give some thought to the profitability and reputation of various industries. Consider if any offer a unique product or service. Be careful of fads that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Once you have narrowed down the industry. Questions you should ask yourself about the particular company you should represent.

  • Is the company mission- driven or “get rich-quick” motivated?
  • Would the products or service give you a real chance to make a positive difference in peoples lives?
  • Do you feel good about the companies future, long term?
  • If you were looking for a job would you work for them?

Once you have made your decision. Congratulations are in order.

Unlike traditional businesses that typically have a geographic territory. You have no boundaries. Accept that your success is what you make it. If the economy is good then sales will be good. If the economy is bad then many more people will be looking for opportunities to make additional income, so your recruiting will be high. Either way with network marketing you can win.

Do You Understand What Makes Someone Buy From You?

It’s not always “what’s in it for me” but more often it’s about how people feel that makes someone buy from you.


A mentor of mine years ago told me that fear was the greatest motivator, even more so than greed.


Sigmund Freud once said, “We will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure”.


I have always believed that people decide to buy based on emotion and may use logic to justify their buying decision.

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People are not interested in buying your product or service, they are only interested in owning the emotional benefit that buying your product or service will bring them.


Want to increase sales?

Then figure out what the emotional benefit is for people to buy your product or service. For example people don’t buy a drill from craftsman because they want a drill what they really want is a hole. The reason people buy weight loss products is the hope of the emotional benefit not the product itself. They want to look great, feel great and have more confidence and have cloths will sit well on them.


Connecting with your prospects and customers on an emotional level is what makes someone buy from you, if you’re not, then you could be losing sales, profits and market share.


Is It Any Wonder Why So Many Dislike Salespeople?

It really has more to do with the training or lack thereof, than the salespeople themselves.Cool Mountain Town


First of all I believe we are all involved in sales to some degree. Seriously, if you ever sent out on a date or if you have ever been hired for a job, you convinced somebody else they should take an action that you wanted.


The real problem is that some have chosen sales as a career, yet they are not professional salespeople. Some have have skills that have not developed developed since they were infants and wanted to be changed.


A true professional salesperson doesn’t manipulate someone into buying something they really don’t have a need for ( they would be a con man, not a salesman )


True professional sales people know that to improve their success they need to qualify their prospects to make the best use of their time.


You can break down your prospects into 4 groups:


First you have your prospects who are no more ready to buy your product than fly to the moon (you know who they are ). Don’t invest your precious time here.


Next you have prospects that express an interest in what you offer without revealing any need. That being the case, their interest is shallow and while they are nice people they will never come through with a commitment.


The third type of prospect has evident needs, but they tend to look for the quick fix, the cheap price and “too good to be true” kind of deal. While they have evident needs, they too caught up trying  all these substitute solutions that don’t work but drain their cash, time and energy preventing you from reaping any success with them.


Never waste your time and their time with the first three. Oh you might make a sale once in awhile. But more often than not,a salesperson, not professionally trained to qualify their prospects correctly will only create negative feelings by wasting their time.


A true successful professional salesperson, invests their time with the fourth type of prospect, those that have a genuine need, are willing to admit it are are prepaid to take action once you present a reasonable solution.


David Rockefeller said,” success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.” I believe that still holds true.

Running your own business is not easy, it is important to fill your mind with positive, inspirational and motivational thoughts and ideas,  not to worry now you can get an App for that.

Direct Selling – Appointment Setting

Direct Selling – Appointment Setting

It would be great if customers would call you or stop by as soon as the had a need for your product or service even before they realized they had a need. Dream on.

Sometimes it seems you just need to take a proactive approach to building your business.

Cold Calling, that may have worked to some degree back in the day, but today cold calling is just stupid. Oh with 20 years sales and marketing experience I have personally done more than my share of cold calling. But that was then times change.

Prospecting is a must,  Cold Calling is just stupid today. My sediments are pretty much summed up in a book I read recently titled : Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection From Cold Calling . I remember all the stupid things I have be told over the years:

“It’s a numbers game” they said. ” For every no you get you’re closer to a yes” Really so if you say I have to get 9 no’s to get 1 yes wouldn’t it be smarter to just call that one? They told me ” You have to learn to love rejection to be successful at prospecting” Really dude if you honestly believe that then I am afraid I don’t have the kind of license to help you, but please get help somewhere.

We now have the resources to work smarter, 20 years ago there was no Google, there was no social media no company I know had a website, bottom line, find out a little about the company you are calling you’ll have more success if you have a conversation because you know what is going on within the organization, at very least find out what they do so you are not calling an insurance broker to try to sell her insurance