Advertising on Mobile Devices and Social Media Marketing – Best Bets for your 2012 marketing stratagies.

But wait, don’t shut down your websites just yet, SEO and PPC are still providing a bigger bang for the buck as reported in a previous post. Oh and by the way make sure you have multiple ways to contact you on your first page of your website. We live in a time of fast food and microwave ovens, nobody wants to search multiple pages on your site to find a way to tell you they want to pay you for something they want to buy from you. They will just search for the next business that can and will provide the product and/or service they want to have.

That being said, as I digress, the future in local search, clearly seems to be in advertising on mobile devices and social media marketing. With the increasing number of smartphones users as reported in a previous post it is no wonder it was reported 42% of Moms with smartphones use them when shopping, Yelp also reported 40% of their traffic is from mobile devices and Google says 40% of their mobile search quires have local intent as well. Which I believe demonstrates the importance for local business to advertise on mobile devices.

Since 40% of social media users access their accounts through mobile devices, over 80% of Americans use a social network with nearly 23% of their online time spent on social networks, and spending more time on Facebook than any other U. S. website.

Looking at the numbers and apparent trends make advertising on mobile devices and advertising on Facebook with it’s more that 800 million members the best bets for a local businesses online marketing strategies for 2012.



Thinking of how to Capture customers in 2012, Think Mobile!

With 44% of US Mobile customers owning smart phones, searching for products and services with mobile devices is a big deal and it will only get bigger. Google (nearly 50% of US smart phones are androids) reports that in 2011 1 in 7 quires comes from mobile devices on average and that number is closer to 30% for industries like restaurants.
As demographics goes, on average mobile device searches are performed by younger people, the wealthier on average are more inclined to perform mobile device searches as well. That being the case  local  businesses would be wise to use mobile device advertising that would be attractive to the young and wealthier, by capturing leads via keyword and SMS short code, broadcasting text messages to your opt-in list with promotions, coupons and offers to your customers in the Geo-targeted area of your choice.
Several weeks ago I searched online with my computer at home and made a short list of smart phones I was interested in. My last search within an hour of upgrading my smart phone last week, I was online again, one last time narrowing it down, but this time I was using my mobile device to preform that last search.
To Capture customers in 2012 you need to be where your customers are when they are ready to buy, and where they are is on their mobile device.

Planning for the new year is upon us what will your best marketing investment?

It is that time of year again to decide where your marketing investment is best spent in the coming new year. Lets narrow it down real quick, since 92% of Americans search online for information when ready to make a purchase. I think we can rephrase the question to where will your internet marketing dollars best be invested? SEO or Display Ads, an increase in both would be best I believe, with the incorporation of social media marketing with the SEO. Display should also play major roll especially with over half of the buying population under 35 using smart phones or tablets now, putting local search information, pricing and reviews just a few taps away.

A recent survey by Sybase 365 and the Mobile Marketing Association reported 2/3 of the holiday shoppers ( over 30% increase from last year ) would make purchases from their mobile devises if they had received discounts, text alerts or coupons etc.. from their mobile device.

As a result I expect to see a significant increase in mobile device advertising in 2012, as well more businesses adapting social media marketing, realizing that what once was word of mouth marketing is now social media marketing.

So in 2012, to enhance your brand and sell more product or service, social media, mobile device advertising and social media marketing is the way consumers provide feedback, research, locate  and purchase products and services in today’s digital world. You don’t want to miss out on your opportunity.