The Benefits of Having a Business Blog

A business blog can be one of the best ways to increase your customer base. There are many benefits to having a blog.

  • Your business blog can boost your reputation as an expert: Customers want to do business with people who are experts in their industry. So by demonstrating you are knowledgeable  and sharing insights about the products and/or services you offer, your business blog can have an impact far beyond having a static website. Having a blog on your website is a terrific way to provide tips and teach visitors about your industry.


  • Having a blog gives you more pages to talk about products and services: Having a blog on your website allows you the room to provide more information about the products and/or services you offer.  your blog should be a safe haven of insight and advice not a sales pitch. They expect sales from your other output.


  •  A blog on your website helps customers find you with SEO:  Each blog post can represents a new page of searchable content. If you only have a few pages on your website talking about your company and products and/or services, it is likely to mean you have about as many chances at a search ranking. If you have 50 pages about your company and products and/or services, that gives me 50 separate pages that can be indexed.


  • Sharing your content: Blog content allows people the ability to share that content with others. Content on static website pages are rarely ever shared. Be carful not to go overboard with keywords in your content. Because blogging allows you to create sharable, linkable content that can help your SEO efforts, many people stuff a post with keywords to help their search engine rankings. Yes, we know you want to rank for certain keywords, but you want to make sure your content is actually worth reading too. Not only will search engines smell spam, your readers won’t be inclined to share such a post.

Blogs are ideal content for sharing through social media. People love to share ideas and useful information on social media. If you have a look at your Facebook or Twitter right now, chances are you will find at least one blog share without scrolling at all. You will not find any shared ads! You don’t even need to look, you know it’s zero. The only ads that appear in social timelines are the sponsored ads. People don’t share advertisements. But they will share an interesting or engaging blog post.

Keep in mind, with online content marketing you are building a complex and long-standing infrastructure that, will grow with time and effort. As important as quality relevant content is also consistency in posting new quality relevant content.

When properly implemented, blogging, can be a game changer for your business. However, you can’t simply throw caution to the wind and hope everything plays out the way you’re wishing. Instead, you must devise a blogging strategy that uses the best resources of what today’s technology has to offer.

Searches on Smart Phones bring in the Customers!

Facebook now has 955 million users, according to Socialbakers, 54% of users access Facebook via mobile.
Over 70% of social media users are likely to seek the opinions of others before buying goods or services, and over half of them have changed their minds as a result of those opinions.
72% of marketers plan to increase their marketing on Facebook in 2012 as part of their online marketing statagies. What are you doing?
Local business searches on smart phones can bring in customers, are you getting your share?
According to a survey done by xAD and Telmetrics titled “mobile path to purchase” 89% of smart phone users and 84% of tablet users searching for restaurants take action within 24 hours while 64% and 44% make a decision within an hour.
Bottom line is over half of the smart phone, tablet users made a purchase within 24 hours.
The survey also reported Local Directory apps are most popular for Restaurant and Automotive with Smart phone users, while branded websites were most popular with Tablet users.
The important things to take away here are your websites need to be mobile viewable, you need to be on social media, and you need to be in local business directories as part of your online marketing strategies.

Thinking of how to Capture customers in 2012, Think Mobile!

With 44% of US Mobile customers owning smart phones, searching for products and services with mobile devices is a big deal and it will only get bigger. Google (nearly 50% of US smart phones are androids) reports that in 2011 1 in 7 quires comes from mobile devices on average and that number is closer to 30% for industries like restaurants.
As demographics goes, on average mobile device searches are performed by younger people, the wealthier on average are more inclined to perform mobile device searches as well. That being the case  local  businesses would be wise to use mobile device advertising that would be attractive to the young and wealthier, by capturing leads via keyword and SMS short code, broadcasting text messages to your opt-in list with promotions, coupons and offers to your customers in the Geo-targeted area of your choice.
Several weeks ago I searched online with my computer at home and made a short list of smart phones I was interested in. My last search within an hour of upgrading my smart phone last week, I was online again, one last time narrowing it down, but this time I was using my mobile device to preform that last search.
To Capture customers in 2012 you need to be where your customers are when they are ready to buy, and where they are is on their mobile device.