Time Management is Not Enough.

Time management is extremely important but a successful leader must manage more than time.

For a leader to be a success, time management is certainly one of the areas they need to focus on but time management alone is not enough.Moggollon Rim AZ bike trail


A successful leader also knows the importance of managing their emotions. Nobody wants to hang around an emotional time bomb that may “go off” any minute. Successful leaders know when to display emotions and when to delay them. Bottom line putting others, not yourself first in how to handle and process them.


Successful leader knows to manage their priorities and also manage their energy.


We often talk about the sacrifices needed to become successful and the need to pay the price for success, which is often time with family. Balance their personal life as well. What good is it for someone to climb to the top of the success ladder, at the cost of losing their marriage of alienating their children? If you blow managing yourself at home,  that will have a negative impact that will spill over into all areas of your life including your work. Successful leader know they must manage their personal life.


“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”, is one of the biggest lies ever told (over and over again). Successful leaders know that the power is immense, and know to manage the words they chose.


Successful leaders understand the importance of managing their thinking, not only the value of setting aside time to mentally process and plan but their thinking process. Thoughts are things, your mind will give you back what you put into it. So fill your mind with inspirational and motivational thoughts.


For many years I have been buying books and tapes/cds for inspiration and motivation, now I havean App for that and you can too.


Do You Lead or Just Manage?

Being a good manager, doesn’t make you a leader. Leadership is more than being a good manager.rr yeild sign


Leadership is more than good management, as people are more than projects, as movement is more than maintenance, as vision is more than procedure, action is more than reaction and relationships are more than rules.


Leaders think long term, a good manager may keep the business running at peak efficiency but what value would it be if it was still cranking out rotary phones.


Managers rely on rules to make sure everything they oversee stays on track. Leaders push boundaries, think outside the box, they desire to find a better way, to make improvements. They like to see progress.


Management is about control, control costs,control efficiency, control quality. Leadership is more about releasing control. Leaders look for good people, invest in them, push them up, to the point where they are empowered to perform. A good leaders goal is to see members of the team finding their own new ways to get things done.


Successful leaders understand the importance of managing their thinking, not only the value of setting aside time to mentally process and plan but their thinking process. Thoughts are things, your mind will give you back what you put into it. So fill your mind with inspirational and motivational thoughts.



Holding a Top Position in Your Company Doesn’t Make You A Leader

Leadership is not about a position, successful leadership is about influence. Good leaders believe in themselves and their leadership. they are confident if others wouldcustomer follow them, the team would benefit.


People follow leaders who care. Many “leaders” try to move others by criticizing them or by intimidation. People will generally respond by becoming defensive, or isolating themselves. they will produce just enough to keep their job (until they find something else and then leave). A “leader” can’t antagonize and influence at the same time.


People also follow leaders they trust, people with character. We tend to put a lot of emphasis on intelligence and skill in this country. and while these things are important, what is more important is Character.


People follow leaders they respect, leaders that are competent. Respect is almost always gained when difficulties arise. Poor leaders demand respect, while competent leaders command respect. A leader thinking they can do a job has confidence. A leader that actually can do it. has competence, and there’s no substitute for that.


People follow leaders that are committed and consistent. Even if your care for, are honest with people and can perform your job well unless you are consistent people will not depend on you and will not trust you.


If you work to do all these things with the people in your business your leadership will be successful. Successful leadership is about influence, not about position.



The Secret of Success, Simple, but not Easy!

If ninety five percent of people are either failing or falling short, then what is it the five percent that achieve success do?Cool Mountain Town


We all have 24 hours in our day, 168 hours in a week. Fundamentally we all perform pretty much the same actions everyday. We eat, sleep, think, talk and listen.


Gold medlist eat and sleep, as do people 30 pounds overweight. Successful entrepreneurs think, feel and have relationships with other people. So do people who are unemployed or even living on the street.


So what is the difference, it’s not hereditary, education, looks or inheritance. It’s the simple, positive actions we chose everyday, repeated over time. Its the simple error in judgement repeated over time.


We know what we are supposed to eat, fresh fruits, vegetables, more fish and poultry than beef etc.. that is simple. But why do so many of us chose to go out and chow down on cheeseburgers and fries every day?


Because it won’t kill us. at least not today. It may take 30 years. It’s not 1 junk food meal it’s the thousands over time. Not eating it won’t save you either today but compounded over time it can and probably will. A simple positive action or a simple error in judgment, simple but not easy.


Read something motivational and inspirational or watch a fictional drama on tv. Hit the treadmill in the morning or sit and watch the morning news eating a donut and drinking coffee. We could go on and on.


It’s those little things that will bring you success in your life, simple, tiny things that nobody will see, nobody will applaud or even notice. Things that at the time you may feel make no difference, like they don’t matter. They do.



Millennials redefine the meaning of Entrepreneur

The freedom-seeking Millennials (19 – 30 years old) have their own definition of “entrepreneurship.” based on the findings of a survey conducted by oDesk.Internet security


The survey found that being “an entrepreneur” is defined today as someone who has a certain mindset, according to 90% of the professionals surveyed (versus only 10% who chose “someone who starts a company”). When asked to define an entrepreneur, aspects of this mindset mentioned included being a “self-starter,” “risk-taker,” “visionary,” and someone who “spots opportunity.”


The Millennials entered the workforce during the Information age ( some have called the entrepreneur age), the Industrial age is dead, and the barriers of the Industrial Age work environment simply don’t make sense for businesses that want to get more work done, or for workers who are demanding more freedom. No one today wants to be confined to a cubicle”.


By 2025, the millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce and their independent-thinking and entrepreneurial mindset is going to change the future of the workplace.


Unlike their baby boomer parents, the millennials, feel no sense of “job security”, by working a corporate, 9-5 job. But instead they since a greater feeling of security and more important to them, freedom, freelancing for multiple sources working wherever they want, whenever they want.


It is important to start your day with positive, inspirational and motivational thoughts and ideas for you to excel, that has become easier because you can get an App to help you with that.


Why Won’t You Accept Having Success?

If you’ve done all the right things, got your degree, working hard, investing in the 401k plan etc and you are not having the success you know you should have. Don’t blame gold starthe economy or the government or your parents or anybody or anything else you can think of to blame for your lack of success. The problem is in your mind.


The conscious, intellectual level of your mind knows you have done everything to be successful, but the subconscious, preconditioned level of your mind has been preconditioned, likely since your childhood with “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, “money is the root of all evil” ( which is NOT anywhere in the Bible, by the way, you’ve been lied too).


Many of us have grandparents that lived during the great depression, which is an era of American history that rooted an entire generation in a scarcity mindset. These people passed onto their children these ideas about money who passed them down to their children.


You need to understand the beliefs that you hold and work to change those beliefs you have in your subconscious mind and you also have the opportunity to teach your children to have more productive beliefs about money and success as well.


For example you can begin to reprogram your subconscious mind by:


Change “money is scarce” to “money is abundant”.

Change “money is evil, dirty or bad” to “money is good” much good can be done with money.

Change “money only comes every two weeks or weekly(whenever payday is)” to “money comes from a range of sources” which creates an opportunistic view of money.


Consider that the words you choose, not only reflects, but affects, your thinking. Example: the word if is conditional, the word when is definitive. From now on, your dreams and goals are when not if. Don’t let if pass your lips in relation to your dreams and goals. You see there is no doubt, its only a matter of when you will see success.


To have the success, you deserve, you must reset your mind and psychology to reinforce what you want and begin to restart your beliefs and reverse the “scarcity mindset”  financial conditioning.