Direct Selling – Appointment Setting

Direct Selling – Appointment Setting

It would be great if customers would call you or stop by as soon as the had a need for your product or service even before they realized they had a need. Dream on.

Sometimes it seems you just need to take a proactive approach to building your business.

Cold Calling, that may have worked to some degree back in the day, but today cold calling is just stupid. Oh with 20 years sales and marketing experience I have personally done more than my share of cold calling. But that was then times change.

Prospecting is a must,  Cold Calling is just stupid today. My sediments are pretty much summed up in a book I read recently titled : Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection From Cold Calling . I remember all the stupid things I have be told over the years:

“It’s a numbers game” they said. ” For every no you get you’re closer to a yes” Really so if you say I have to get 9 no’s to get 1 yes wouldn’t it be smarter to just call that one? They told me ” You have to learn to love rejection to be successful at prospecting” Really dude if you honestly believe that then I am afraid I don’t have the kind of license to help you, but please get help somewhere.

We now have the resources to work smarter, 20 years ago there was no Google, there was no social media no company I know had a website, bottom line, find out a little about the company you are calling you’ll have more success if you have a conversation because you know what is going on within the organization, at very least find out what they do so you are not calling an insurance broker to try to sell her insurance

Candyman – is now a online marketing Blogger

Candyman – is now a online marketing Blogger.

I was talking with a home inspector I know that is really into marketing online, he has been blogging for years.

He is not just your average home inspector he is a Forensic Inspector ( I’m not sure what that means but it sounds like something CBS could make a half dozen tv shows about). Anyway he frequently gets called as an expert witness anyway.

So we were talking about online marketing via Blogging and social media marketing, which we both agree is essential and he was telling me years ago he used to super glue a brochure holder onto a big candy dish and drop them off at real estate offices for the agents and he would stop by every week and refill the candy and the brochures.

He said he got to be known as the candy man, but it worked great for marketing, but it doesn’t work at all anymore, just because it used to work great doesn’t mean it will now, change is inevitable, in the “candy man’s case the real estate agents don’t come into the office much anymore as a general rule, they don’t need to they have technology they can even login to the MLS with their smart phones now.

So the “candy man” started blogging and now he is using social media marketing as well, he told me he often gets calls as a result of a blog post he wrote 2 or 3 years ago (when he would come across a unusual situation he would blog about it and 2-3 years ago I guess he was the only one doing it so people call him cause he obviously has be dealing with these situations for years.

If you haven’t incorporated social media marketing and Blogging as part of your online marketing I would encourage you to start now. An online presence in essential today.

What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

I was talking with a business owner last week and I asked him if he has considered marketing with social media. He just shut down and got all defensive, he’s been in business for over 20 years and gets all his business by word of mouth. He may be right, he may have no need, if he plans on retiring in a few years.

What is social media but simply the current form of word of mouth. It was reported today Facebook surpassed 800 million active users and of those 350 million via mobile device, sounds to me like an opportunity for the good news about your business to spread to several times more potential customers than when the potential customers had to be standing right there.

Half the population in the United States is 30 years old or younger, these are the people buying (driving the economy) now and in the future. I was reading an interview article earlier today of the 25 year old co-founder of the Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents on the topic of marketing to gen Y, he said not to waste your money on print advertising, when he and his friends were growing up they would never go to a movie without checking what their peers had to say about it first. He said gen Yers trust each other they don’t trust traditional advertising or marketing messages from companies. The idea that they would contact an agent based upon a television, newspaper or other print marketing ad is completely foreign to them.

So whether you choose to embrace social media marketing or not I suggest you make sure your customer service is in top form because word of mouth marketing ( via mobile devices ) is happening so you want to be sure it’s positive and not negative.

Is this one of those network marketing companies?

Is this one of those network marketing companies?

That’s what I felt like asking. About a month ago I had signed on with a new real estate broker and I had elected to enroll in some advanced training ( even after all these years am still thirsting for knowledge). About the second day of training my “advanced trainer” wanted me to start putting together a list of 500 of my closest friends so I can start to contact them about selling their house ( in a down market). Then he wanted me to start a “farm area” of about 200-300 houses and go door to door and create a newsletter every month to send them ( contribute to junk mail or maybe stimulate to post office’s business ). Seriously is this a network marketing company from the 1950’s or what?

First of all not only do I not have anything against network marketing companies, as a matter of fact, I happen to agree with Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki that network marketing is the best chance to most people to have an opportunity to have their own home based business. And there are some good companies out there but many still have a marketing plan that’s back from the future ( like 1950’s ) and that will have a very high failure rate in 2011 and beyond.

Getting back to my “advanced trainer”, the National Association of Realtors say 90% of the people going for real estate look online first, so this guy wants be to spend 100% of my marketing dollars and 100% of my marketing time targeting the 10%. I left, I am going to focus my energies on the 90% and pass out flyers or business cards to the 10% when and if I get bored. I now have 12 websites, 2 blog sites, own 17 or18 domain names and I haven’t counted the social media sites I subscribe to.

I believe it doesn’t matter if you sell real estate, are a distributor in a network marketing company or have your own restaurant down the street, if your business doesn’t have a web presence, in a few years your business won’t have a presence. I intend to go into more detail about online marketing, social media marketing and direct marketing for this century and the resources available for business development in future posts.



Social Media Marketing

The Old School marketing ways are history, with 750 million+ Facebook users 250 million + logged in everyday, Many from the cell phones the old ways are all but dead.
If a company does not establish an online presence that includes social media, in 5 years that company will have no presence at all.