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“6 Months to 6 Figures”, I highly reccommend this must read book.

I recently finished re-reading Peter Voogd’s book “6 Months to 6 Figures”,  I highly reccommend this must read book.

If you’re one of the select few who are serious about you success, this book will change the game for you, as it is a breath of fresh air to the Entrepreneurial world.

No BS, No fluff, and No Sugar Coating. Just real world strategies from being in the trenches. Peter Voogd reveals the strategies he’s used to go from dead broke to over 6 figures within 6 months in multiple industries.

While many entrepreneurs struggle with inconsistent income, low productivity, and don’t have enough time in a day to get everything they want done?

Peter shows you ways to maximize your income, get bigger things done in less time, and helps you create your ideal lifestyle. It is about ACTION and even has assignments to write goals, plans, etc. This is a serious book for those serious about changing their life and furthering their success.

Most people just talk about success, wish they had success, but never take the necessary action consistently to achieve it. They spend year after year just trying to get by and never achiving the sucess they desire. 

If you want a short guide that highlights a little bit of everything from the motivational/success library then this is a great book to have on hand. In fact, it might just be the best I’ve ever read on the subject.

If you are serious about your growth I highly recommend you get this book.


Must read Books for your Success


A couple of books I believe everyone must have in their personal library to aid them in their success are from Robert Kiyosaki: two of his earlier books “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “Cashflow Quadrant”.

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Look… I know when a book is as popular as Rich Dad, Poor Dad is, people will look at it and assume it isn’t worth their time, or people will read it and scoff at the ideas. I wonder how many of those people work for someone with debt up to their ears, hoping they can stay afloat. Or are too scared and don’t know which investment to make after reading the book…

I also understand that with books like these, they are repetitive and simple, and an intellectual might write it off as signs of poor writing. I believe it is more about changes their mindset first before they can build a foundation to further build on.

Repetition is necessary to get you out of your repetitive lifestyle that you currently hate… That’s why you’re reading this review, you hate your lifestyle… 


I enjoyed this book. I thought it discusses a number of interesting ideas, includes a fair number of good examples, and could cause people to rethink how they think about money. It could have provided a few more quality resources for further reading. The ones I looked at based on it were not great. I could have also provided some more detail on recommended strategies for different groups of people. Overall though, a pretty good quick read.

Having read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and now Cashflow Quadrant, I have come to admire some of the traits of Robert Kiyosaki. His writing is simple, based on core ideas, and he has a way of helping one feel empowered.

I understand that some claim he conveys extremely valuable advice while others equate him to nothing more than a Snake Oil Salesmen. You will find some critiques of Kiyosaki claiming that he doesn’t offer any real concrete advice and that he doesn’t actually tell people how to become rich. This is true; his advice is very general and focuses on ways of thinking rather than what to actually do.

But this is what I like about Kiyosaki; he offers advice on the perspective of money rather than telling people step-by-step what they need to do. To become rich you must change your way of thinking rather than do what you are told.


What I can tell you about Cashflow Quadrant is that it is a fantastic read. The ideas in the book are very simple but very eye-opening. Kiyosaki’s writing is repetitive and clunky but I really don’t mind.


I recommend these books to anyone who is interested in making their money through other means rather than working a job.

Get the books. Read them, then GET SOME OTHER BOOKS… Don’t stop reading, save some money for investing, and AFTER you feel confident, buy some assets… Keep doing all 3 until you die…

Are You Offering a Worthless Product or Service? Being Average Doesn’t Cut It Anymore.

For a prospect of yours, if your main selling point is your low price, that tells them you are not offering the best but rather a worthless product or service or at least worth less that your competition.


People only care about how you are going to solve their problems and make their life better.

If it seems you spend the bulk of your time negotiating lower fees for your services to keep and or grow your customers, you will only find yourself working harder working longer hours than ever before for much less that you deserve. you need to either get new customers or add value to your product or service or both.

Reinventing, repositioning, rebranding and marketing you or your company as offering the number one in products and or services in your market in the minds of your prospects and customers is more important now in the new economy than ever before.

Become above average, become an authority, by:

Become a master in your field.

Immerse yourself in the best personal development and business development training.

Associate only with like-minded, positive, passionate, focused achievers that you can learn from.

People like to deal with a person or company who is a leading expert, no one wants to have a worthless product or service.

In this “New Economy”, Starting a Business is the best option for Millennials

Getting a college degree is no longer the near guarantee of landing a secure good paying job, for many Millennials starting a business may be a better use of their education.

The after effects of the recession, an unemployment rate that has yet to reach the historical  recovered U.S. economy of a 5% jobless rate and  longer-term changes in the labor market, have forced many of today’s graduates to take the first decent offer they receive, which in many cases they’re overqualified for the position.


Since the most recent economic forecast from the Federal Reserve is that the jobless rate will stay above 5% through 2016 it would seem to me even more reason for this highly educated group of young people seriously consider starting their own business.

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And why not, the industrial age is dead, we live in the information age now the millennials aren’t old enough to not remember not having the Internet, they have totally embraced social media, smart phones, IPADS and all the technological advances as they come their way and they are more comfortable and confident using technology to help their business prosper.

So given the current changes for many of these overqualified millennials the best option may be for them to start a business.

Work from Home Jobs will Increase.

The information age we live in appears to also be becoming the entrepreneur age and everyone wants to work from home, for themselves or have flexible enough schedules that it feels as though they’re working for themselves.

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According to a study conducted by software company Intuit, “By 2020, more than 40 percent of the American workforce, or 60 million people, will be freelancers, contractors and temp workers”.

The entrepreneur business model will play a major role in the future workplace, in addition to the way we design and build office buildings and our homes in the future.


The report also says that in the next seven years, the number of “small and personal businesses in the U.S. alone will increase by more than 7 million” and full time, full benefit jobs will be harder to find. Most of these businesses will be web or mobile-based and will work closely with a global workforce.


This increasing number of freelancers, independent contractors working from home will also create opportunities for entrepreneurs to serve needs they have ranging from health insurance to training and motivational training to work productively in their new workplace environment.


Additionally in 2020, one in six Americans will be older than 65, these “Baby Boomers”, will continue to work part or full-time, as they see retirement as a concept their “Industrial Age” parents had embraced in years gone by.


Times are tough, especially if you want to do things the old way, things change, but there are countless opportunities for people to make money working from home.


The industrial age is dead, we all know that now, Traditional ways of making a living are on the way out but there is also a greater opportunity for an entrepreneur to work from home now more than ever before.


What will you do, if anything, with the opportunities before us?

Steps to Ensure Success with your New Year’s Resolutions.

Every year millions of people make New Year’s Resolutions and fail. Don’t be one of those people. If making more money in the new year is one of your resolutions, then take steps now to ensure your success.


  • If you still define success with a dollar amount, then you are only part wrong. The habit of defining success with a dollar amount might result in a chase that will never end and you will never attain your view of success. Check out a unique way to get rich by helping others with their personal development and business development.
  • Character does matter. Keep Your Promises, No Matter How Small They Are. Make sure that you will be able to do something before committing to it. Then be clear on the expectation, action, and result that you have agreed to. People tend to dismiss small promises as unimportant and even unnecessary. They are wrong, if you don’t take the small promises you’ve made seriously, you will damage your trust, and destroy your own reputation.
  • Failing to keep the minor promises will make it tempting for you to break your more          important promises in the future. Also, this shows the appearance of your being irresponsible, disorganized as well as making others feel unimportant. You will build trust by demonstrating that you can keep your promises, even with the small things.

Discover the traits and typical habits of a successful person.

  • Take Action.You cannot change anything and make any real progress without taking action. Knowledge is totally useless without action. That is simple. So take action right now!
  • Manage your time wisely. There is a difference between being productive and being busy. Being busy is often considered as a form of mental laziness. Busy people seem to be rushing all over the places such as conferences, social engagements, or meetings. Their busy schedule might give them the increased sense of importance. Yet, perhaps, it is an illusion. Literally, they are like hamsters constantly running on the wheel.
  • Keep Things Simple. Being in the information age, information moves with the speed of light and access to business development and personal development tips and strategies are more easily attainable. You and I have tons of opportunities when it comes to building life and career. Unfortunately, all these opportunities and “noise” also leads to complication, inaction, and confusion. We still must make decisions and must act on those decisions.

That means you should decide to choose things that you think will work and take action. After taking action, if the result is not as good as your expectation, then learn from the experience, choose another action and move forward.

  • Make Small Improvements on a Continuous basis. A mentor of mine used to ask the question to his team: How can you eat an elephant? The answer is simple: One bit at a time. You understand my implication behind that question, right? Yeah, it is similar to the challenged road to success. Make small and positive changes. Do that by exercising, eating better. By taking regular steps in your personal development and creating positive improvements in your business development, you will reach the success that you aspire to.
  • Spend Your Time With Right People. You are the equivalent of the 5 people you spend the most of your time with. Generally, successful people associate with like minded and supportive people. If you hang with wrong friends, colleagues, they are going to negatively impact you. Yet, if you spend time on the right people, you can become more successful than when you are alone. It is great if you could form your own team and then work together in order to make dramatic differences and increase your probability of success.


A mentor of mine often told his team: “You can make excuses, or you can make more money, but you can’t do both.”

Does Network Marketing Really Work?

You want to start your own business but maybe capital is a little low, so you consider network marketing, but does network marketing really work? I think the real question is not if network marketing will work but will you work?

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Even in a strong economy, many people need supplemental income, many living paycheck to paycheck. Most people can’t afford the things they want on their paycheck from their job, many start a part time network marketing business. As a result there will always be a need for network marketing opportunities even in prosperous times.


First of all let me point out that network marketing is not an industry, network marketing is a distribution channel or system. Many different industries use network marketing as a system or distribution channel for distributing their products and services because it works.


The concept of network marketing is simple. The company relies on independent representatives or distributors to market and sell it’s products or services directly to consumers (direct selling) sparing the company the costs associated with the middleman and the need for costly retail space or costly advertising campaigns.


These independent representatives or distributors are also granted the opportunity to build their own sales organizations and receive a percentage of the revenues generated by their organizations.


Unfortunately there are some who think network marketing is a get rich quick scheme where they can get rich without any effort on their part. Those people soon learn they are sadly mistaken. Network Marketing isn’t for people who aren’t willing to work hard.


Network Marketing is a legitimate system that works, will you?

Are You Ready To Seize the Biggest Network Marketing Recruiting Season?

If you are a retailer you don’t wait until after you have your turkey dinner on Thanksgiving to prepare for Black Friday. So when should network marketers start to prepare for the biggest network marketing recruiting season of the year?

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In case you are new to network marketing the next great opportunity for massive recruiting into your network marketing business or in other words the next prime recruiting season begins the first business day after January 1, (January 4, 2016) this is a time in which all successful network marketers will be doing a 90 day blitz.

But the smart network marketers didn’t take a month or two off before the prime recruiting season to rest up for their 90 day blitz.

The smart and successful network marketers were doing a 90 day blitz leading up to December 20th, building a team and preparing them for the next prime recruiting season so they won’t be working alone but instead would have an entire team doing a 90 day blitz during the prime recruiting season multiplying their efforts to best take advantage of the next great opportunity that arrives during the next prime recruiting season.

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey-author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Smart, successful network marketers give priority to the tasks that, while they may be painful, will pay off in the end.

A few tips to help focus on the more difficult, more significant task that will propel your business to new heights:

Do the important tasks first thing in the morning, for one thing there are generally fewer distractions first thing in the morning.

Change your environment (nearby park or coffee shop) will often provide you with a boost of productivity and creativity, not to mention the benefit of fewer distractions.

Unplug, shut off your tech, don’t answer your cell phone or check your email or texts. Research has shown that multitasking affects productivity in a negative way.


What are you doing to seize the next Network Marketing Recruiting Season when it arrives?

So is Investing in Real Estate Still a Good Investment?

In light of the losses many people have taken in real estate in recent years and an economy that is questionable at best, many wonder if investing in real estate is as good of an investment as it once was.

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Some of the motivating factors for someone to invest in real estate have been: greater financial security,higher net worth less dependence on job more control over your personal financial future, just to name a few.

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I believe those goals can still be attained. Investing in real estate provides a tried and true path to achieving these goals over time. Over Time being the operative words here, yes real estate prices go up and down and I know of no one who has a crystal ball to tell when these shifts will happen, but historically “over time” real estate values have increased. That being said their those who bought or I should say speculated to hold a short time and resell for a profit a few years ago some profited and some lost that is why I called them “speculators” not investors.

I should point out that whenever I speak of real estate investing I am not talking about buying a house for you to live in I am always talking about Income Producing real estate, which could be residential rental property, multifamily apartment buildings, office buildings to lease out to tenants and so forth.

With the middle class in America dwindling, I believe the best chance middle America has to achieve financial independence is with the tried and true “buy and hold” real estate investment strategy.

Whether buying with cash, loans, or taking control of your retirement by investing in real estate with your own “self-directed IRA “account there are opportunities for positive cash flow that we have not seen in years.

Not only could you benefit from this cash flow to have more money to live on but you could use it to invest in additional real estate. And what many investors realized is this income from real estate (passive income) is treated differently than earned income (wages) or portfolio income ( capital gains from stocks etc).


What is a Good Network Marketing Company?

Network marketing first of all is not an industry, network marketing is a distribution channel that various industries may choose to utilize to distribute their products or services. There are many good network marketing companys in various industries.

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The Direct Selling Association categories these industries into five major headings:

  • Home/family care products- including cookware, cutlery and cleaning supplies.
  • Personal care products-including cosmetics, skin care and jewelry.
  • Wellness products-including weight loss, vitamins and nutritional supplements.
  • Leisure/educational products-including books, toys and games.
  • Service/miscellaneous/other-including telecommunication, training and internet services.

When you’re considering the industry you would like to represent as a network marketer, give some thought to the profitability and reputation of various industries. Consider if any offer a unique product or service. Be careful of fads that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Once you have narrowed down the industry. Questions you should ask yourself about the particular company you should represent.

  • Is the company mission- driven or “get rich-quick” motivated?
  • Would the products or service give you a real chance to make a positive difference in peoples lives?
  • Do you feel good about the companies future, long term?
  • If you were looking for a job would you work for them?

Once you have made your decision. Congratulations are in order.

Unlike traditional businesses that typically have a geographic territory. You have no boundaries. Accept that your success is what you make it. If the economy is good then sales will be good. If the economy is bad then many more people will be looking for opportunities to make additional income, so your recruiting will be high. Either way with network marketing you can win.