What you are doing Wrong and Why your Blogging is not Equaling More Sales

More blogging equals more sales, if our blogging efforts are not equaling more sales for you there are some thing you may be doing wrong. Blogging for business is the #1 blog sticky notemethod for increasing traffic.



Recently, a case study released from Tresnic Media examined how blogging for business increased lead generation reporting, blogging for business 3x per day for 50 days resulted in:


210% increase in overall traffic.

514% increase in organic search traffic.

901% increase in referral traffic.

But how did that translate into leads?


In the study, more new customers in that 3-month period than any other 3-month period in company history.

Inbound leads increased 400% from one quarter to the next.


If you’re feeling discouraged about your lack of conversions, the problem might be that you lack enough content. There are some things you can do blogging that can help you get back on track…


Some Essentials of Blogging for Business are:


The most important thing you can do is create content that is truly valuable. Ask yourself these questions before posting:


Are you revealing insider knowledge of your industry? Your content should demonstrate that you actually know something your customers don’t.


Your blog post should say something original, or it should condense other content into a new, meaningful format. Don’t waste readers’ time by adding to the noise. Save them time.


Do you have a clear call-to-action? Your reader should have no doubt about what you want him/her to do.


You must have a system in place to efficiently build your business. You can get your very own automated online marketing system, have full access to thousands of dollars worth of the top tools, trainings, and business building software for just pennies a day you can use to promote your business online and take it to the next level.



It is important to start your day with positive, inspirational and motivational thoughts and ideas for you to excel, that has become easier because you can get an App to help you with that.


Online Marketing Strategies You Should Not Ignore

Online marketing strategies that can pay off and drive free traffic include social media, search and the all important  content marketing, that facilitates and accelerates the sharing on social media and lifts your search results.question mark sign

Search is ever-changing, are you?
There are essentially two ways people find your blog or website when they search online. They either click on a paid  ad that are placed on the side or the top of the search results page (that someone has paid Google to put there) or they clicked on the links from the organic search results. The organic results are earned through optimizing your website for search engines.

Not so long ago, the best way to do that was to hire an SEO consultant, you hired them and put them in a dark room, fed them pizza and soon your site was ranking on the first page of Google. It was like magic.

But Google has started changing the rules with strange sounding algorithm updates called “Panda” and “Penguin”. Remember that all these Google algorithm changes are intended to cut out SEO magic.  So if you are doing things in your content to trick the search engines or that don’t seem natural to the reader, the chances are your results won’t last.

Many businesses, that were ranking on the first page of Google and had built a booming business based on “old SEO tactics” had dropped off page one and the inquiries and leads had dried up. This type of SEO didn’t require creating great unique content, that people searching the web need and love, but just involved playing an SEO game

The search game is changing with Google now putting major emphasis on content and social signals such as Retweets, likes, shares and the Google Plus one platforms +1′s.
It is no longer about gaming the system but adding real value to the web through regular publishing of content that people love to share, link to and embed.

You’ve heard people say content is king, you might say content is the new SEO.
Google’s updates have made content marketing hot. As a matter of fact content marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in marketing today. Small businesses in particular are learning and using content marketing to more cost effectively promote their services and products.
By creating, publishing and promoting great content, the Google bots will start to love you.

The challenge of course is to make the content so valuable and so enticing that people will share it with their friends, family and colleagues. Which takes, thought, skill and creativity.

Your content is what tells the visitor how you work with clients, what they can expect, the process, etc.  All the credibility of what you are offering is conveyed though your content. Don’t forget, content isn’t just the written words, the images on your website are a form of content.  And like any content, those images can be pinned, shared and tweeted on social networks.

Content with a good headline or a captivating image will be shared much more on Twitter or Facebook than a bland bit of poorly written text. You need to think about what sort of content captures your attention and then create that for your customers that is relevant and tempting.

Use Social to Share your Content and boost your SEO.
Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Google+ and Pinterest is how people share content.
Social media accelerates the discovery of your content. Additionally back links are important in SEO.  Part of a healthy SEO strategy is to request links from other reputable websites, directories, portals, blogs and so on so that you can boost your link popularity.

I it sounds so high school, but the more votes or links you have the more popular you are which influences Google.  And the credibility or reputation of the source of that link is also very important.

What is the best way to get pure, highly valued links?  Social media!  Share great content with people and if it really is great, they will also share it!  Let’s face it, your biggest content marketing dream is to create some article, video or picture that gets spread all over the world and goes viral. So spread the word!

Content that is shared on social media channels is your new SEO.

When properly implemented, your online marketing strategy, can be a game changer for your business in 2013. However, you can’t simply throw caution to the wind and hope everything plays out the way you’re wishing. Instead, you must devise a online marketing strategy that uses the best resources of what today’s technology has to offer.

Do You Know How Much Business You are Losing By Not Blogging?

An awesome website that no one sees, is a waste of time and money no matter how nice it looks. But you can do something about that.
You may be like one of the dozens of business owners I talk to every week that have a website that is not providing them Leads, at least not enough to justify what the site costs them.

Now that I got you in a bad mood, why don’t you do something about that cyber brochure out there that you call a website, that can actually help your business. Sounds like an SEO problem. Which is nothing a little blogging can’t help. And yes it can help. According to Marketing Charts “Blogs are the single most important inbound marketing tool. “When asked to rank the importance of the services they use, 25% of users rated their company blog as critical to their business, while a further 56% considered them either important (34%) or useful (22%)” for a total of 81%”.  Social Media B2B reported “B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non-blogging firms”.

Yes blogging can help you get more traffic to your website. The reason blogs might position better than a standard website to increase traffic is because blogs are modified more often than full websites. Search Engines love to discover new content, so their interest in your website may be powerful due to the new content you are making available. It is common for a business blog to actually outperform a main business website with regards to SEO positions simply because there is more new content to consider and that often results in improved trust and rank position. Ideally you should have your blog on your website.