Are You Suffering Financially in the New Economy?

For many the “Great Recession” hasn’t ended and they are still suffering financially , what they must do in this new economy is: Change!

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I have noticed that many of the people that were unhappy with the direction the economy has been heading the past few years seem to have given up any hope now, which really saddens me.

As we continue to face the worst economic time since the great depression keep in mind more opportunities and more wealth are created in a bad economy than in a prosperous economy.

So this is the new economy? As we drive down our city streets lined with vacant retail and office buildings many of us buy into the idea that the “great recession” had never ended. How are you doing in this new economy?

It is however encouraging to know that prosperity in these times goes to those willing to think outside the box, who have the desire and motivation to start a home based or sideline business from the home that can lead to a full time opportunity and significant lifestyle change if they choose.

Times are tough, especially if you want to do things the old way, things change, but there are countless opportunities for people to make money from home.

The industrial age is dead, we all know that now, Traditional ways of making a living are on the way out, but there is also a greater opportunity for entrepreneurs now more than ever before, and with today’s technology there are resources to help you think outside the box and maximize your true potential.

Do You Think Your Education will Help Your Success as an Entrepreneur?

Few colleges and post-secondary schools teach how to help with your success as an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs educate themselves mostly with reading books, trade magazines, attending conferences, real world experience and a number of other ways.


“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”. – Jim Rohn


You should never stop striving to learn more. Successful entrepreneurs are always seeking to educate themselves about new business strategies and new technologies among other things and are not necessarily enrolled in a school to do it.


Running your own business, whether a traditional, brick and mortar or you work from home, is not easy, not to worry now you can get help with that, with a platform that delivers practical, nuts and bolts information to your desktop or mobile device on subjects like….

  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • How to Start a Business
  • Effective Internet Marketing
  • How to Take Advantage of the Current Real Estate Market
  • Investment Strategies
  • Asset Protection

…and more

Build Your Business and your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs!

Yes Entrepreneurs , It Takes a Team, But, Choose Your Team Members Wisely!

A common challenge many entrepreneurs face is finding and keeping the best talent to accomplish their business goals.


“Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it” – Henry David Thoreau


Unfortunately some entrepreneurs are indecisive when it comes to making decisions, and will often are desperate at finding an employee/partner etc that they will accept practically anyone without doing the proper due diligence.


A person in this case whose performance is poor and hurting the business will often times receives many second chances, with the indecisive entrepreneur to scared to pull trigger and fire event the least productive people on the team, which inevitably happens but not before valuable time and resources have been wasted.


Another type of entrepreneur is strong, resolved and committed to finding good team members. there is no rush to judgment about prospective team members. Decisions come without emotion and poor performers rarely get a second chance.


In order to be a more successful entrepreneur and reach your goals more quickly you should accept only the best people as team members.

What Appears to be a Business Success, may in fact be a Failure!

Just because a business survives for five years, doesn’t make it a success. Are you taking the steps to have a business success or just a surviving business?


Sure we know that according to organizations like Kauffman Foundation and the U.S. Chamber of commerce that 75% of businesses do not survive 15 years for a number of reasons, such as undercapitalization, poor planning, overexpansion or shifting market conditions. but what about the fact that few that do survive actually reach their full potential.


So few entrepreneurs “think big” as Donald Trump would say. Why not?


Imagine if Steve Jobs limited himself to making computers for his college buddies, or Mark Zuckerberg had not expanded his company’s target from college students to everyone on the planet.


In order for fewer entrepreneurs to miss the opportunity, they need to take steps to overcome the lack of motivation to pursue “Big Ideas”.


An entrepreneur needs to reach outside their comfort zone, and not be content with just “the low hanging fruit” and have a team of influencers with diversity and expertise.


Many entrepreneurs lack the self confidence to “think big” and will need to take steps to increase their self confidence.


Why not be all that you can be, why simply settle for a business that survives, why not do what is necessary to build a true business success?

 Let us help you help yourself.


Work from Homes Businesses not Prepared for Tax Time.

Many entrepreneurs, working from home are just not prepared for tax deductions allowed for their home based business.few books


It has been a while since my last post. For the past dozen or so years I have been spending the better part of the first 4 months of the year preparing income taxes professionally.


While many of my clients are real estate investors, I have noticed more and more people that used to have jobs to earn a living are now working from home over the past few years, I am not sure if this is by choice or out of necessity as a result of the current job market. In any event, unlike my landlord and real estate investor clients, many of these new work from home entrepreneurs seem to be unprepared when tax time comes around. Many have no idea what deductions they can and cannot claim on their income tax return.


This is unfortunate and unnecessary as I know many income tax professionals that would be more than happy to consult with these new entrepreneurs (many for Free).


I would strongly suggest scheduling your consultation sometime other than between the months of January and April 15th.