Google Search Algorithm Change – 35% of Web searches will be affected

Earlier this week Google announced a new search algorithm change that will effect the results of about 35% of all searches. Will you be one of the 35% who’s internet marketing placement will be affected?

This is much bigger than the Panda Update earlier that impacted 12% of the search results. The newest Google search algorithm change according to Google will make search results “fresher” fresher relevant search results. While freshness is not new, it’s been a content factor since 2007, but with the move over to the caffeine infrastructure last year to make sure Google can index, crawl and return results faster, the newest Google search algorithm change is now possible.

While the Panda Update was a 12% change, it was not a 12% improvement. There is no reason to believe the latest Google search algorithm change will be an improvement in search results, but one thing is certain it will be a significant change to a businesses internet marketing, and no doubt will be a game changer for many now that time will be of greater relevancy in a Google search. Many Blogs, Web sites and even PPC campaigns may lose relevance if they are not updated with new relevant content regularly in your internet marketing campaign.

Like you don’t have enough to do right, well you don’t want to risk losing your prominent placement in your SEO standings so you have a couple choices, you can go down and get yourself a couple of Grande’s from your local coffee shop, every night, to stay up late at night and do your updating your internet marketing with new relevant content, or you can for about the price of a Grande or two have a specialist manage your internet marketing for you while you rest up for another busy day tomorrow.

You Decide!