The Best Business Advice I Ever Got!

“You can always make more money, but you can never make more time” was the best business advice I ever got.

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That business advice came to mind as I recently decided to scale back considerably a marketing activity that was consuming way too much of my time and not producing the desired results.


He went into detail with a few ideas to help reclaim stolen time which included changing our relationship we have with time. Think about it we protect our money from being stolen, or wasted, why not guard our time also.


The words we use to describe time or lack of it results in increasing our stress making us less productive, and went into ideas on changes to make in the words we use.


Cut out the drama is my favorite, you know what I mean, your cell phone rings and looking at the caller id you know it is gonna be drama, so don’t answer it make um leave a message. And when you do tied up in a 30 minute conversation that should have taken 4 minutes get away, however you can (don’t you have another meeting 😉  ).


Another techey tool I use that saves me about an hour every day is HootSuite, HootSuite is social media management dashboard,  In addition to it’s Free version, that can manage up to 5 social media platforms. HootSuite also offers a Pro version to help you manage multiple (100) social networks from one dashboard (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+).


I have been using HootSuite for over 2 years, I actually use the pro version which is less than $10 a month (saves me a hour a day) to manage my multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook Business (Fan) pages as well as LinkedIn, Google + and my personal Facebook timeline all in one place with one login.


No I don’t have 100 platforms but in addition to multiple Facebook business (fan) and multiple Google + business pages I also belong to over 30 groups or communities on Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn. That I post to, while I never always post every post to all 30+ because not all post would be relevant to all communities or groups but I can send and monitor all feeds from one location.


It is important to start your day with positive, inspirational and motivational thoughts and ideas for you to excel and achieve success, fortunately there’s a FREE APP to help you with that.

Blogging your way to a Booming Business in 2013!

There’s no doubt whatsoever that blogging will be crucial to SEO, social media, and content marketing activity in 2013. As a result of 2012 developments, business blogs are no longer optional, but are now essential.

But why must you blog in 2013? In addition to significant changes to Google’s algorithm, you have no doubt noticed, Google Analytics no longer displays keyword information from logged-in users. This “not provided” data means that a significant chunk of a site’s keyword data is no longer available to help the effectiveness and strategy of an SEO program.

Business blogs however thrive in this environment, because:
Blog posts add relevant, authoritative content to a site, something that Google always loves to see. Also,  well written, authoritative, relevant, and useful posts encourage visitors to stay on the page and click deeper into the site rather than bounce, which contribute to better rankings.

A lot like your social media tools, a blog can be your company’s voice to the world. But unlike the character limits imposed by Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, a blog allows you to provide more detailed information and adds the ability to include pictures, videos, etc. to illustrate your point.

In many respects, SEO, social media, and content marketing are all rolled up into one big, internet marketing strategy. It’s increasing difficult to have an strong SEO program without a content marketing component.

It’s tough to have an effective social media program without a strong SEO component. And, it’s tough to have an effective content marketing grand strategy without solid SEO and social strategies supporting it.

I’ve already talked a bit about how blogs relate to SEO, but blogs also play a vital role in social media marketing and content marketing as well.
It may not be essential to have a blog to be successful in social media … but it sure helps. Business people who use social media are socially oriented, and are probably more interested in checking out a businesses blog than its product listing, at least at first.

A business without a blog undercuts its credibility in todays world. In addition, without a blog, a company must rely completely on third-parties like Facebook and Twitter for its community hubs.  If Facebook happens to make changes (without asking you, haha ), what happens to your community, and all of the content you’ve published there and do not own?

So are you ready to get serious in 2013? This is where the rubber will meet the road for many firms in 2013. Now I realize many small and mid sized firms are not staffed or organized for serious blogging, they lack the time, resources, knowledge base, and in-house talent. And who wants to expand a marketing department in an uncertain economy?  I get all that. But at the same time, a businesses SEO, social and content marketing results will suffer without a powerful blog, and in an uncertain economy,  can you afford to under-perform? It’s time stop marketing like you did in the past (the past is gone ) and it’s now time to get serious.

A Secret Weapon for Local SEO

More and more businesses are finding, local SEO is about ongoing, consistent online promotion activities. That’s where blogging comes in.
So how is blogging a secret weapon? It is because, many local businesses still are not blogging, so use of it as a search engine optimization tactic is still something of a secret weapon.
Many local businesses in highly competitive categories have already done the straightforward things for optimizing their businesses to rank for local. They may have optimized their websites,obtained back links, optimized their business profiles, created a Facebook Fan page, Google + Local ( Google Places), business directory listings, and more.
Since the majority of these local businesses are doing essentially the same activities, they end up barely trumping the listings just below them in Google local search results, and they may often be  jostling back and forth, month after month, for the same slots.
But, if one of these local businesses begins blogging consistently, that business may rapidly become top dog, having an advantage that the non-blogging businesses lose out on. Blogging gives some distinct advantages, and can become a secret weapon that may allow the first company using blogging to develop a lead that may be difficult for the other non-blogging businesses to quickly imitate.

Blogging also provides a “hub” for developing your social media presence! Blogging is a perfect tool for feeding content out onto Twitter, LinkedIn, your Facebook Fan page and Google + and other social media sites. You can use it to actually reduce your workload by simply adding content in one place and having it show up in your various social media pages if that’s what you want.

Keep in mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Blogging takes time. SEO results from blogging takes time. If your expecting to see immediate results from blogging you’re in for a rude awakening. Keep in mind, with online content marketing you are building a complex and long-standing infrastructure that, will grow with time and effort. As important as quality relevant content is also consistency in posting new quality relevant content.

When properly implemented, blogging, can be a game changer for your business. However, you can’t simply throw caution to the wind and hope everything plays out the way you’re wishing. Instead, you must devise a blogging strategy that uses the best resources of what today’s technology has to offer.

Use Social Media Marketing to Improve Your Search Rankings.

Social media marketing is more important to your natural search results since Google’s Penguin algorithm update which was designed to eliminate spam from natural search results.
With Google’s focus on spam, low quality and manufactured back links, we are likely to see similar updates in the future.
In a post Penguin world, the key is building natural back links by publishing high value content that people would be more apt to share on social media networks.

Because of the sheer number of users on  Facebook and Twitter  make them a excellent platform to build your networks providing you with more opportunities for link shares.
While you need to have a strong social media marketing campaign ( including a Facebook business “fan page” ) it is extremely important that you have a “Hub”, ( your own blog or website ) that you are sending this traffic too.
Now when I talk with business owners about social media marketing, its not a question for them of if they should but it is a question for them of do they have the time or resources within their company to manage their social media campaigns or should they outsource the management to professionals?

Social Media – word of mouth advertising for the future? No the future is here NOW!

Social Media – word of mouth advertising for the future? No the future is here NOW!

I received some interesting stats about social media from a online marketing company I associate with that I just had to share. I have of late been investing a lot of time reading and going to seminars on social media. As a matter of fact I went to one about Facebook and one for Google + both within the past week and a half.

As I sit through these trainings and hear other peoples questions I have to wonder how many people pause and think to themselves (I am betting very few) as the sign up for a Facebook account for example: why do they let me have an account for Free, and why do I have to put in my birthday if  I don’t have to publish my birthday? Of course we both now the answer, it is all about marketing, social media marketing in this case.

That is why I believe Google is going to really promote Google +, they know what is a stake here. I remember way back when (like 10 years ago or so) before we the people made Google a noan and a verb. We used to Google everything we needed to find, but what do people do now? We go on social media sites like Facebook and ask our friends things like for example:  “does anyone know a good plumber I can call on the weekend?” ( if you had a plumbing company and this person was in your target area your ad could appear to the right of that post, this would be you using social media marketing)

So for those stats, is anyone using social media?


Around 200 Million Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile phone.

More than 1.5 million pieces of content like web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos etc. are shared on Facebook everyday.

More than 700,000 local businesses have active Facebook pages. Is yours one of them?


In the year 2010, 25 billion tweets were sent.

Twitter users tweet an average of 55 million tweets per day.


YouTube exceeds 2 billion views per day.

70% of users on YouTube are from USA.

Social media marketing is here and if you want your business to compete you need to be online, but also need resources to save you time you so you can focus your attention on running your business.


Facebook – Google+ which will you choose?

Facebook – Google+  which will you choose?

I signed up for Google’s new social media platform, Google+, 3 months ago, back when it was by invite only, and while I liked what I saw, and got excited about it I just haven’t seen the activity I thought I would.

The people I know that seem to be in the know claim that with 5 million strong in just 3 months beta by invitation only that unlike Google’s previous entries into social media with, Buzz and Wave, Google+ is here to stay.

Don’t worry about Facebook disappearing anytime soon, but it will be interesting to see which is the king of social media in about 3 years from now. I reflect way back when we used to Yahoo everything, they were the big dog, and I still like Yahoo, but some little company, started up years after Yahoo, called Google absolutely dominates today and I believe that same company will do the same with social media, because they have to know that social media marketingis the wave of the future ( if you are a business owner, think of social media as word of mouth advertising – today ) so Google will go all out with Google+ to win as much market share as they can. In the mean time this competition will benefit the consumers, haven’t you noticed all the Facebook changes lately? They are both going to battle to provide more, to the consumer to win social media market share.

Direct Selling – Appointment Setting

Direct Selling – Appointment Setting

It would be great if customers would call you or stop by as soon as the had a need for your product or service even before they realized they had a need. Dream on.

Sometimes it seems you just need to take a proactive approach to building your business.

Cold Calling, that may have worked to some degree back in the day, but today cold calling is just stupid. Oh with 20 years sales and marketing experience I have personally done more than my share of cold calling. But that was then times change.

Prospecting is a must,  Cold Calling is just stupid today. My sediments are pretty much summed up in a book I read recently titled : Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection From Cold Calling . I remember all the stupid things I have be told over the years:

“It’s a numbers game” they said. ” For every no you get you’re closer to a yes” Really so if you say I have to get 9 no’s to get 1 yes wouldn’t it be smarter to just call that one? They told me ” You have to learn to love rejection to be successful at prospecting” Really dude if you honestly believe that then I am afraid I don’t have the kind of license to help you, but please get help somewhere.

We now have the resources to work smarter, 20 years ago there was no Google, there was no social media no company I know had a website, bottom line, find out a little about the company you are calling you’ll have more success if you have a conversation because you know what is going on within the organization, at very least find out what they do so you are not calling an insurance broker to try to sell her insurance