Job Hard to Find? Make your Own, Start Your Own Business!!

Tired of trying to find a good job? Maybe it’s time to make your own job by starting your own business.

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Back in the day (a few years ago), jobs were plentiful, anyone who wanted one was able to find one fairly easily, and if they didn’t like it they could easily find another the same day, things change.

Fast forward a few years, things have changed quite a bit. Good, high paying jobs are a bit more hard to come by today. If you can find a job it will not pay anywhere near what it did a few years ago. Things changed, maybe you should too.

After years some have given up. I say take control of your financial future with your own business.

So how do you start your own business? Well you have choices so choose.

You can build your own business using the skills you have to build your own business from scratch. Starting your own business from scratch with little money and no other asset is not the easiest way to begin your own business.

Some advantages of building your own business are you usually have control over the business’s direction and can tailor the business to your lifestyle.

Some disadvantages of building your own business from scratch are you have:

  • no name recognition
  • no customers
  • and no instant cash flow

You can buy your own business if you have assets in the form of CD’S or money market accounts and you might want to consider turning those lazy assets into assets that generate greater returns.

Some advantages of buying an existing business are:

  • Immediate cash flow
  • Pre-Existing customers

Some disadvantages of buying an existing business are:

  • Initial purchase price
  • existing employee issues

Another option for buying your own business is to consider a franchise some advantages of franchises include:

  • Brand identity
  • A training program
  • Financing options
  • Proven business model

Some disadvantages of franchises are:

  • An operating agreement written for the franciser’s benefit
  • Reliance on the franciser’s supply chain and designs
  • Franchise royalty and ad fees

Another option for buying your own business is to consider a well researched MLM or network marketing company. Some advantages of a MLM or network marketing company include:

  • Brand identity
  • A training program
  • Low start-up costs
  • Proven business model

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The decision to build or buy your own business has to be one based on logic and experience, not emotion.

Social Media is a MLM er’s Best Tool and Worst Nightmare

Social media is a dream come true for anyone in MLM, it can also be the worst nightmare for the MLM er that is uninformed on how to use social media right.
By now most people in network marketing or MLM know that the old ways (hotel meetings, house parties etc..) are not going to very effective prospecting many people in this century, and have realized that social media is networking and by using social media for their MLM business prospecting, they can reach so many more people than they could have using the “old school” methods of yesteryear anyway.
The problem is while some MLM companies are embracing social media, it is obvious to me that most are not providing any training about how to do social media the right way, and as a result many MLM ers are risking having their facebook account closed because they are spamming people.
I know many people in network marketing (MLM) and they are some of the best people you would ever want to meet, so I believe the fact that the majority of the ones I know don’t really intend to spam all their Facebook friends, I don’t think they even realize what they are is wrong and in violation of Facebook policy and they could have their Facebook account shut down as a result. Losing all those pics, connections with friends and everything would be a nightmare for many of these MLM er’s.  It is against Facebook terms and conditions we all agreed to when signing up for an account to post sales pitches etc about a business on your personal page (now referred to as a time line).
Facebook provides a way to promote your MLM business with integrity, by simple creating a Facebook business page (now refereed to as a facebook page) without being in violation.
Don’t let your mistakes made with your social media marketing campaign hurt your MLM business instead of helping. Since your customers and prospects are using social media, your MLM business needs to be consistently involved in social media. Bottom line, you need to do social media marketing, but you need to do social media marketing right!
If you don’t have the time or resources to do your social media marketing yourself, then we can help you do your social media marketing right.

The Real Reason Most People Fail at MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

Your upline will tell you those people failed in MLM because, they didn’t work hard enough or try hard enough or something like that, but that is true only for some ( and even then only part of the reason).

As I have said in past posts I have nothing against MLM or Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing or whatever you want to call it I will keep it short and use MLM for this post, as a matter of fact like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, I too believe MLM offers the best opportunity for the average American to have there own business.

Unfortunately many MLM companies have not brought there marketing methods and training into the 21st century. Seriously invite friends over to your home only to spring a surprise sales pitch on them done by some well dressed stranger who apparently was also invited. Really seriously?? Well that high pressure tactic worked when it was new back in 1955, so they keep using it until you run out of your friends. Then I guess you will just quit.

I have posted in the past and many have determined that social media marketing is a natural fit for MLM, and as a result have tried using social media for their MLM marketing.
The problem I see in this is they do it wrong! So yes stop marketing like it’s 1955, but you must do social media right or you will still lose.
MLM in my opinion offer an excellent opportunity, especially with our current economy, and social media is a natural fit the combination offers an incredible opportunity.
What I see most people doing their MLM marketing on their Facebook personal page, which in itself is wrong. Facebook provides an opportunity for you to create a Facebook business (or fan ) page for your business for free.
Promoting your business on your personal page ( even if it’s your companies name personal page ) is only going to irate your friends and they will hide your posts or unfriend you so they don’t have to see your posts anymore. You end up posting and only you can see them.
With a Facebook business page you can promote your business with integrity as those friends, prospects, customers and anyone else that likes your Facebook business page will see your posts in their news feed but they know it is a business page and expect that, and are ok with that, so they will not be upset with you.
I believe more people will prosper with MLM in the next few years because of the changes that have and are taking place, but only if the adopt Social Media as a primary source for sharing the positive experience they had with the product or service provided by their MLM products and/or services. But sharing that experience must be done right!!

Stop alienating your family & friends by prospecting on their newsfeed. Set you up a facebook business page to generate leads for your business.

Job Security, What is that, is that one of those old Industrial Age concepts?

Change happens, it is inevitable, no matter who is President or who is in Congress, change always has and always will happen.

The Information Age has been showing signs of it’s arrival for decades, we can all plainly see that now that we can look back.

The current economic downturn we are in ( one that’s right we are not in a downturn, that ended a year and a half ago ), I believe has put an end to the Industrial Age, it is safe to say we are now in the Information Age. ( Is anyone surprised)

The days of going to school getting good grades, getting a good job, work there for 40 some years( with job security ), and then stop working and your company and/or the government will fully support you till you die are all but extinct.

I believe, working for yourself is the best way to prosper in this new environment, I know not every one has a quarter million or more in the bank to buy a franchise, if that is you then a good network marketing company may be the best option for you to take control of your families financial future, yes I said network marketing, their are many prominent businessmen who support network marketing, as I have stated in previous posts . So what is a good network marketing company? Well there are thousands of network marketing companies and many are very good, I have not compiled a list to sell you or anything like that, but I would suggest looking for a company that has been around at least 5 years, financial solid, publicly traded would be a plus, and has a product or service that most people can see a need in having.

Training and support (cause this is all new to you and you have a lot to learn) is very important, that being said while many network marketing companies that have been around for years have adapted to the information age, there are still many more who have not.

If you come across a company that wants you to make a list of all your friends, and says “tell them you just want their opinion of a new business you are looking at”, “we are not going to sell them but they will probably want to buy” be aware these are lines as old as the hills, (see previous MLM post) probably your best choice is to walk away in this case. Unless you are extremely confident in your marketing ability and believe you can and are not afraid to reinvent the wheel (marketing wheel for this company) without receiving any useful marketing support from your “sponsor. Many of the established network marketing companies were established in the Industrial age are still using industrial age methods and because “they are proven to work” they will expect you to “be coach able and follow along” well Henry Ford made a Model A that my Grandpa would say was “proven to work” but I road to a meeting the other day with a guy with a new Mustang convertible and although I didn’t ask I am confident ( especially in the AZ summer) that he is glad Henry Ford decided to improve on the Model A and didn’t just stop with it because it was “proven”.

But I have confidence in your ability and find a company with a in demand product or service, think about it if this company has people that are successful using technics from the Henry Ford generation, just think of the possibilities if you were able to use marketing methods of the current century.

Network marketing is basically a social marketing model from 55 + years ago, Imagine using social media of this century, instead of house parties, hotel meetings etc. It would be a challenge because you would have to create your own marketing plan ( with a greater risk of failure ) but if you can pull off it, the rewards, could also be mind blowing.

That’s my thoughts for today.


Network Marketing – Multi Level Marketing

Network  Marketing – Multi Level Marketing.

So if marketing is in the name, network marketing, why is it your up line tells you to Sell without marketing at all? And the worst part is they have you trying to sell to unqualified prospects, they tell you everyone is your prospect but that is a lie, not everyone wants to be in your network marketing business, being an independent contractor is great for some, but it is not for everyone. Some people love their job and don’t want to leave ever(glad they are happy really), some people are to scared to be self-employed, some people think MLM is some kind of pyramid scheme (how much of your time do you want to spend trying to reprogram the lies they have been told) and some people are just plain lazy.

I’m sure your up line tells you, like mine did,  it’s not sales (cause that word would scare most people away) your just presenting or explaining your business opportunity to all your friends and family, cause they want to be in business with you. (right) Truth is if this is the case, (and more times than not it is) your up line is just using you, to make money off you, through your friends and family members. And what happens when you run out of friends and family members to pitch to? Well your up line will no doubt train you on that after you’ve gone though your list. What really happens well if you can’t afford to buy leads and cold call or don’t want to be a telemarketer I guess you’ll do what most network marketers do an quit.

The REAL answer is you need to market all business market and then sell to the qualified prospects as a result of their marketing. That is what you need to do if you want to succeed in Network Marketing (MLM), I know I’ve made the list many times, meet hundreds of suspects(not qualified to be a prospect) at Starbucks, been to the hotel meetings and office meetings in the evening, but no more I put marketing into Network Marketing again. I prefer to use the Internet to generate qualified Leads, ( Note resource on the right column to generate MLM Leads for Free) no more making lists of people that don’t want to be in business for themselves, no more cold calling leads that have been sold to and called by everyone else before me. My Leads can contact me and I’ll interview them to see if I want them on my team. All via the internet via online marketing, social media marketing and such.

I believe you can be successful in Network Marketing (MLM), but you can’t  use the same methods as were used back in 1955.