Thinking of how to Capture customers in 2012, Think Mobile!

With 44% of US Mobile customers owning smart phones, searching for products and services with mobile devices is a big deal and it will only get bigger. Google (nearly 50% of US smart phones are androids) reports that in 2011 1 in 7 quires comes from mobile devices on average and that number is closer to 30% for industries like restaurants.
As demographics goes, on average mobile device searches are performed by younger people, the wealthier on average are more inclined to perform mobile device searches as well. That being the case  local  businesses would be wise to use mobile device advertising that would be attractive to the young and wealthier, by capturing leads via keyword and SMS short code, broadcasting text messages to your opt-in list with promotions, coupons and offers to your customers in the Geo-targeted area of your choice.
Several weeks ago I searched online with my computer at home and made a short list of smart phones I was interested in. My last search within an hour of upgrading my smart phone last week, I was online again, one last time narrowing it down, but this time I was using my mobile device to preform that last search.
To Capture customers in 2012 you need to be where your customers are when they are ready to buy, and where they are is on their mobile device.