What you are doing Wrong and Why your Blogging is not Equaling More Sales

More blogging equals more sales, if our blogging efforts are not equaling more sales for you there are some thing you may be doing wrong. Blogging for business is the #1 blog sticky notemethod for increasing traffic.



Recently, a case study released from Tresnic Media examined how blogging for business increased lead generation reporting, blogging for business 3x per day for 50 days resulted in:


210% increase in overall traffic.

514% increase in organic search traffic.

901% increase in referral traffic.

But how did that translate into leads?


In the study, more new customers in that 3-month period than any other 3-month period in company history.

Inbound leads increased 400% from one quarter to the next.


If you’re feeling discouraged about your lack of conversions, the problem might be that you lack enough content. There are some things you can do blogging that can help you get back on track…


Some Essentials of Blogging for Business are:


The most important thing you can do is create content that is truly valuable. Ask yourself these questions before posting:


Are you revealing insider knowledge of your industry? Your content should demonstrate that you actually know something your customers don’t.


Your blog post should say something original, or it should condense other content into a new, meaningful format. Don’t waste readers’ time by adding to the noise. Save them time.


Do you have a clear call-to-action? Your reader should have no doubt about what you want him/her to do.


You must have a system in place to efficiently build your business. You can get your very own automated online marketing system, have full access to thousands of dollars worth of the top tools, trainings, and business building software for just pennies a day you can use to promote your business online and take it to the next level.



It is important to start your day with positive, inspirational and motivational thoughts and ideas for you to excel, that has become easier because you can get an App to help you with that.