Do You Understand What Makes Someone Buy From You?

It’s not always “what’s in it for me” but more often it’s about how people feel that makes someone buy from you.


A mentor of mine years ago told me that fear was the greatest motivator, even more so than greed.


Sigmund Freud once said, “We will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure”.


I have always believed that people decide to buy based on emotion and may use logic to justify their buying decision.

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People are not interested in buying your product or service, they are only interested in owning the emotional benefit that buying your product or service will bring them.


Want to increase sales?

Then figure out what the emotional benefit is for people to buy your product or service. For example people don’t buy a drill from craftsman because they want a drill what they really want is a hole. The reason people buy weight loss products is the hope of the emotional benefit not the product itself. They want to look great, feel great and have more confidence and have cloths will sit well on them.


Connecting with your prospects and customers on an emotional level is what makes someone buy from you, if you’re not, then you could be losing sales, profits and market share.