Work from Home Jobs will Increase.

The information age we live in appears to also be becoming the entrepreneur age and everyone wants to work from home, for themselves or have flexible enough schedules that it feels as though they’re working for themselves.

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According to a study conducted by software company Intuit, “By 2020, more than 40 percent of the American workforce, or 60 million people, will be freelancers, contractors and temp workers”.

The entrepreneur business model will play a major role in the future workplace, in addition to the way we design and build office buildings and our homes in the future.


The report also says that in the next seven years, the number of “small and personal businesses in the U.S. alone will increase by more than 7 million” and full time, full benefit jobs will be harder to find. Most of these businesses will be web or mobile-based and will work closely with a global workforce.


This increasing number of freelancers, independent contractors working from home will also create opportunities for entrepreneurs to serve needs they have ranging from health insurance to training and motivational training to work productively in their new workplace environment.


Additionally in 2020, one in six Americans will be older than 65, these “Baby Boomers”, will continue to work part or full-time, as they see retirement as a concept their “Industrial Age” parents had embraced in years gone by.


Times are tough, especially if you want to do things the old way, things change, but there are countless opportunities for people to make money working from home.


The industrial age is dead, we all know that now, Traditional ways of making a living are on the way out but there is also a greater opportunity for an entrepreneur to work from home now more than ever before.


What will you do, if anything, with the opportunities before us?

Working From Home, Not as Easy as it Sounds

Working from home is not as simple as it sounds, but it’s not difficult either, if you want to work from home you are going to have to establish some guidelines in order to be speed hump signproductive. I have been working from home for nearly 20 years and you can too.


One thing that makes working from home less difficult is technologies that we have today. With smart phones, IPads and WIFI readily available, business like network marketing can operate from virtually any city large or small.


Whether you are going to work from home in network marketing, direct sales, real estate, insurance or are starting up some other type of business from your home, it is important to establish a work environment and a routine. Plus by doing this you will be demonstrating to others – neighbors, friends and family (and the IRS), that you really do have a business and not just a hobby.


Ideally your office in your home will be a separate room (used regularly and exclusively for business). You should have a daily routine when you are working from home, develop a business like attitude a schedule when are at work. Shut the door to your office, you are at work.


I have a door on my office in my home, and that is what I do. I also have an account with a mailbox place ( the UPS Store) where I have all my mail and packages delivered so the UPS guy and mailman never disturb me when I am at work. If a salesperson comes to the front door of my house during  my scheduled work hours, I don’t answer the door, after all I am at work.


You must have a system in place to efficiently build your business. You can get your very own training, and business building tips for just pennies a day to promote your business and take it to the next level.



Work from Homes Businesses not Prepared for Tax Time.

Many entrepreneurs, working from home are just not prepared for tax deductions allowed for their home based business.few books


It has been a while since my last post. For the past dozen or so years I have been spending the better part of the first 4 months of the year preparing income taxes professionally.


While many of my clients are real estate investors, I have noticed more and more people that used to have jobs to earn a living are now working from home over the past few years, I am not sure if this is by choice or out of necessity as a result of the current job market. In any event, unlike my landlord and real estate investor clients, many of these new work from home entrepreneurs seem to be unprepared when tax time comes around. Many have no idea what deductions they can and cannot claim on their income tax return.


This is unfortunate and unnecessary as I know many income tax professionals that would be more than happy to consult with these new entrepreneurs (many for Free).


I would strongly suggest scheduling your consultation sometime other than between the months of January and April 15th.