3 Things You Should Do to Maintain the Focus

3 Things You Should Do to Maintain the Focus that Success Requires

Maintaining the focus we need to achieve success is more difficult today will all the distractions demanding our attention ( tablets, smart phones etc). But there are things you can do to maintain that required focus.

To master most any task whether physical or mental requires focus. Focused thinking while practicing a physical activity like baseball or golf will improve your technique, just as focused thinking helps you break through to the solution of a difficult mathematical problem.

Remove Distractions.

Removing distractions is no small feat in our culture, but it is critical to your success. Set and maintain the discipline of practicing your priorities. Do the things that provide you the highest return first and keep distractions to a minimum.

There are a number of times during the course of the day that my cell phone is set to vibrate.

Schedule Time to Think.

Many people in our fast paced culture today have a tendency to multi-task, but research shows switching from task to task can cost you up to 40% efficiency.

Determine when your best thinking time occurs and set aside time without distractions to do just that.

Set Goals.

Everyone tells us the importance of setting goals, the reason goal setting is so important is the mind can’t focus without clear objective. The purpose of your written goals is primarily to give your thoughts direction, not to identify the final destination.


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